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    600W CX Modular wins Recommended award at Hardware Heaven
    Mai 2013

    Looking at the efficiency of the PSU Corsair easily exceed the bronze specification, skirting silver actually. Noise levels are also decent through the range with temperatures remaining in check.

    CX500M wins "Excellent" award from Sweclockers.com!
    Mai 2013

    “In summary, Corsair CX500M an excellent power supply in this price range and should be seen as a clear alternative to future budget builds.”

    CX Modular 600W wins Guru3D Recommended award!
    August 2013

    The CX600M has budget written all over it, budget in this case however isn't a negative thing. After testing it quite extensively we really do get the feeling that it is a good power supply. Next to that for the money it's rather good looking with its all dark cables and connectors as well. We did not notice any issues in terms of voltage dips or weirdness, overall it simply is a good PSU for the money. At 60 bucks this is hard to beat. It's of course a crowded market with quality and efficiency levels being bumped up with each year that passes. But this PSU definitely is a winner in terms of price versus quality versus features versus looks. The one remark really are just two PCie graphics connectors. But that's all I can think of. It doesn't cost a small fortune, and you get three years warranty. Yup - Recommended by Guru3D.com


    Die Netzgeräte der CX-M und CX Series sind eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für Standard-Systembauten und Upgrades von Desktop-PCs. Die Netzgeräte der CX Series sind 80-PLUS-Bronze-zertifiziert und in zahlreichen verschiedenen Konfigurationen erhältlich, damit Sie genau die Menge an Leistung wählen können, die Sie benötigen.