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    Corsair Link Hardware

    Corsair Link integrates your case fans, lighting, and compatible Corsair power supplies and Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers into an ecosystem that works together for optimal cooling and performance. It gives you an instant summary of how your system is performing, and you can monitor the temperature of your components and program Corsair Link to automatically adjust cooling to meet demand.

    • Corsair Link Accessory Cable Kit

      Includes: AirFlow Pro connection cable, H60 thermistor connection cable, and case fan controller connection cable.
      4 99 EUR Inc VAT
    • Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit

      This advanced lighting kit for Corsair Link systems includes two flexible LED lighting strips, each with nine LEDs, and two extension cables for flexible placement within your PC case.
      14 99 EUR Inc VAT
    • CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO

      The CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO provides effects and vivid illumination of your PC.
      59 90 EUR Inc VAT
    • Corsair Commander Mini

      The Corsair Commander Mini is a centralized control unit for Corsair Link. It has four Corsair Link Digital ports, six fan control connectors, four temperature inputs, and a port for connecting Corsair Link LED lighting strips.

      59 99 EUR Inc VAT