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Over the past couple of years, the forum has had an amazing run on Corsair product threads. The best example is the Corsair Hydro Series Club thread which is approaching 3.5 million views and 25k replies.

When we release a new Corsair product that is popular with the crowd, a new Corsair owner thread pops up. There is now a thread going for the Corsair 350D Owners Club, that's dedicated to our Obsidian Series 350D micro ATX case. It's got some great pictures of rigs that owners have built and lots of great discussions. forum member Panther Al started this thread and is hoping to have it elevated to the status of "official" very soon. Here are some pictures of Panther Al's 350D build. The Corsair Air Series Fans, Dominator GT memory, AX Series AX860i Digital ATX PSU, and the cable sleeving all look great in this rig.


350D Panther Al 1


The red and black theme of this build is very attractive and works very well with the ASUS ROG theme. The red accent inside the case edge is great touch.


350D Panther Al 2


Those changeable trim rings on the Corsair fans come in really handy in a build like this.


350D Panther Al 3


Thank you Panther Al for posting and thank you to for hosting. Threads like this are 1 of the many great reasons to buy a Corsair case and to visit a great community like the forums.


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