Meet the Modders: Paul Tan


If you are interested in case mods, case modders, and intricately detailed build logs you need to familiarize yourself with the name Paul Tan. If you don't already know of him, Paul is a modder from Manila, Philippines. In addition to being a galactic class modder and custom system builder, he's well known for his awesome photography of his build logs. Paul has a website also and it's loaded with good content.

Here's a shot of Paul with one of his latest creations, Reventon.


Paul Tan Reventon


I recently corresponded with Paul via email since Corsair did not fly me to the Philippines to speak with Paul in person. I asked him to tell me a bit about himself.

"I’m 28, a graphic artist, product photographer and a PC modder/designer. Design is what I always have been fond off. I combine my design skills, photography and modding in one package so that I could create my MOD Project."

If you recall our Meet the Modders feature on DarthBeavis, I asked Paul some of the same questions that I asked Richard/DarthBeavis. Paul helped me come up with a few that are unique to his set. It's neat getting to know what motivates the people that do this sort of work so here are our 11 questions.


1. Q: What was your first "real" modded or custom built system?

A: Since I was 7, I love PC's so much. And I even started building my own when I was 11. But my first modded built system was a Lian-Li v1000. I got bored with it and decided to modify it and turn it into a HP Blackbird replica.


Blackbird Clone


2. Q: What got you into modding?

A: I’m really into graphic designing and photography, but at the same time I was really into building PC's since I was 7. In 2004 I saw the HP Blackbird PC and I badly wanted it but could not afford to buy one. So I explored a way how to replicate it. I stumbled on and got curious with the term "PC MOD". Google and You Tube really exposed me to these wonderful PC's and everything just started there. I was invited into a small group of PC Enthusiats called RIG NOOBIES, where I learned more about PC, DIY, and modding. Then I started posting at different forums and later on was invited to join modding contest and sometimes got to be interviewed in magazines.


Paul Tan Multi


3. Q:What is your favorite mod or custom build you have ever done?

A: That would be my Lamborghini Reventon Roadster MKII PC & Dark KNIGHT PC. Why you may ask? Because Reventon really pushed my standards of modding higher. And DarkKnight PC is my biggest project. This is where I put all my ideas that I gathered since the first time I stumbled on the term "PC MOD" and made it into reality. And recently I just released my Titanium S which really pushed my limits again. This was my first time to build a PC that has a black copper tubes, the PSU in the middle of the case, and it’s my first to use the color yellow in a build. You have to see the picture to know what I’m talking about.


Paul Tan Reventon


4. Q: What is your favorite mod ever by someone else?

A: That would be the Murderbox Mk II. Without this build by sir Charles Hardwood, I wouldn’t be able to push my limits and be inspired enough to build my own.


Paul Tan Cutting 3


5. Q: What is the most common mistake you see beginning modders and builders making?

A: Usually It’s overdoing things or sometimes exaggerated designs. A friend said to me "less is more". And I agree. Instead of putting so many things into it, focus on the small details. That's what really matters.


Paul Tan Close Up DOM PLAT


6. Q: What advice would you give to a person setting out on their first truly modded or custom built system?

A: Never build for others. Build it because you love it. Building for others will only frustrate you if they don’t like it. But building because you are really passionate about it will bring you to a whole new level you did not imagine you could go to.


Paul Tan Cutting 2


7. Q: What do you think is next for the modding industry? Will it be as phenomenal as gaming?

A: I’m pretty happy that PC modding started long time ago but now it’s getting more and more exposures nowadays. I can’t predict the future, but as long as there are passionate D.I.Y. people, modding will always be the scene stealer.


Paul Tan Corsair Cooler and RAM


8. Q: What do you think is the most important element of modding? Sleeving, details, hardware, etc?

A: It would be the attitude. Patience plays the biggest role when you are modding. Great ideas are always easy to get but executing it with great patience will decide if it will be the next big thing or not. We don’t rush art.


Paul Tan Dark Knight


9. Q: As a modder, what is your favorite Corsair case. One that you think is perfect. If not perfect, closest to perfect?

A: Haha difficult question. But I always dreamed of modding the Graphite Series 600T someday. Why? Because I love the curves of it. It’s like a car for me with definite lines.


Paul Tan TDK Board


10. Q: Is modding giving respect or disrespect to PC case manufactures and even hardware manufacturers at times?

A: It depends on the modder I guess. I give respect when you made the case more appealing, to have people drooling unlike any other. It compliments the manufacturers when you make it something that they will be proud of.


Paul Tan Titanium S


11. Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself that is not related to case modding or computers. I know I have seen some of the tech support guys at Corsair wearing shirts you have printed.

A: I compose music back in college and posted it on You Tube. And i make and print tshirts to pay our bills.


Our thanks go out to Paul for sharing his pictures with us and bringing the world these awesome mods. We'll be posting this on the Corsair Facebook page also so please chime in and share your thoughts.


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