Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit


Upgrading the Dominator® Platinum DDR3 memory with the Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit will let you customize your Dominator Platinum modules with a new look. A set of two modules can easily be upgraded in approximately 15 minutes. You can choose between the clear lens for a white glow or the blue lens for a blue glow.



After shutting down your machine and discharging yourself of any static, remove the modules from the motherboard. Place them on an anti-static surface. Now use the included allen wrench to remove the screws. It may help to place your finger on the back side of the module to keep the back screw from spinning.



Once you have all four screws out flip the module upside down. Now remove the top bar from the module. You want to make sure you do not damage the Corsair Link connector or any other components on the module.


Take the new top bar and place the desired lens color into it. Now reverse the process and put the top bar on the module. It works best if you leave the top bar flat on its top. Make sure not to damage the LEDs, Corsair Link connector or any other components on the module.


Now replace the all of the screws and tighten them down. Be careful to not over tighten the screws!



Finally install the modules in your motherboard and enjoy the look of your Dominator Platinum modules. If you run into any issues with installation please contact technical support @



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  • Alex's gravatar Alex said:
    5/10/2017 10:27 PM

    Are there any plans to make a red lens to go with these? Most of the other lights in my computer are red.

  • Ted's gravatar Ted said:
    9/3/2015 8:06 AM

    What purpose does the corsair link connector have on the memory modules. Does it control the LED lighting with the lighting modules? Blue and White are the only colors available for a long time. No market views on having red or green or even a RBG controllable?

  • 's gravatar said:
    10/9/2014 7:28 AM

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