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The long awaited update to Corsair Link V2 has arrived. After a period of extensive internal testing and ample feedback and bug reporting from the enthusiast community, the latest version ( of Corsair Link is available for download. The new release adds support for Windows 8 and includes the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Windows 8 Support
  • New Hardware Detection and Monitoring Engine
  • Firmware flashing to Commander units prior to firmware 2.06 now supported
  • CPU temperature for all AMD platforms now supported
  • Device Icon’s now have three selectable sizes
  • Communication between multiple devices has been improved

If you would like to learn more about Corsair Link, please use the links below.

Corsair Link Resources:


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  • Ryan Barber's gravatar Ryan Barber said:
    3/6/2017 11:00 AM

    Thanks for the update guys. I love my cooler. h100i v2

  • David Marshall's gravatar David Marshall said:
    7/26/2016 9:26 AM

    When you provide the hardware needed to install any of the Corsair H Cooling Systems might I suggest that you "impress" your customers by making the small but very often needed addition of double the number of long and short screws for you do not know what method the customer may choose for installation. One set of long and one set of short screws is a recipe for dissatisfaction and also very importantly it is "asking for warranty issues" related to screws used that puncture the fragile metal grill beneath the screw holes. No customer paying $100+ for a cooler should be going to the hardware store and matching screws and buy, not extra, but needed screws. This shouldn't be a suggestion or comment but something that was figured out internally. Trust me, as I have worked with engineers withing very large computer manufacturers; they need to hear from the customers directly and they "need" the customer to sometimes voice the opinions which they have shared but no one is listening; or worst case scenerio: they fear for their jobs and keep the ideas to themselves! # Place a protective plate beneath each screw hole on the radiator which makes it impossible to drive a screw too deep when installing the unit, and thus damagine the fragile grill elements below. I don't usually register smaller priced items but if I had registered all of the empty Corsair H Coolers Boxes I save for people I build for, I would have 40 registered coolers. I am sharing this for both Corsair's benefit as well as the customer's.

  • jorge 's gravatar jorge said:
    5/4/2016 7:00 PM


  • Mikhail Kruglyak's gravatar Mikhail Kruglyak said:
    6/4/2015 2:32 PM

    I have H100i unit running Windows 7 64bit running 3.1.557 Corsair Link Version. When opening the software I can see statistics and temps for the PC, but I do not have anything inside the case immage, such as ability to modify Corsair Link LEd for the heatsink.

  • Pat's gravatar Pat said:
    5/21/2015 5:29 AM

    - Corsair Link V2 Features and Functionality - Corsair Link functionality with H80i and H100i not working. Getting File not found." page.

  • 's gravatar said:
    10/9/2014 7:26 AM

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