Explanation of RMi's New Type 4 Cables


The Corsair RMi Series is our newest line of PC power supplies and the reviewers can't say enough good things about it!

One of the biggest compliments we received about the RMi is how low the ripple is under load. Tony Day of JonnyGURU.com measured only 11mV of ripple on the +12V rail of an RM750i at full load. And Aris Mpitziopoulos of TechPowerUp! measured only 17.5mV of ripple on the +12V rail of an RM1000i.

Screenshot from the oscilloscope used during the JonnyGURU.com review of the RM750i

This improved ripple suppression is a direct result of the Type 4 cables included with the RMi Series power supplies. The Type 4 cables have the same pin-out as Type 3 cables, but include small, solid capacitors on the +12V, +5V and +3.3V leads on the 24-pin, PCIe and EPS12V cables.

Without these capacitors, ripple is still very acceptable; being as high as 25mV with a full load on the +12V rail of an RM1000i. This is exhibited on the HX1000i, which uses the same technologies as the RMi, but does not come with the Type 4 cables.

The 24-pin of the Type 4 cable set also has a unique feature not implemented in the standard Type 3 cables. There are a total of 28-pins where the cable plugs into the PSU's modular interface, instead of the usual 24-pins. The extra four pins are "sense wires". While a +3.3V sense is part of the ATX standard and is found on most PSUs, it is not often implemented. The RMi not only utilizes the +3.3V sense on the ATX connector, but also utilizes an additional +12V sense and +5V sense. These sense wires read the voltages at the load (the end of the cable) and can increase voltage automatically if voltages drop.

The combination of these two improvements made to the RMi's cable set contributes to the exceptional voltage regulation and ripple suppression all of our customers and the reviewers have been talking about.


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  • jaya's gravatar jaya said:
    3/28/2017 9:30 PM

    its highly appreciable information thanks for provide these important knowledge

  • Daniel's gravatar Daniel said:
    5/28/2016 3:41 PM

    Hello Corsair Folks, I am at this very moment trying to install a HX850i in my wifes computer. I love the Flat cabling and the extra Peripheral cables supplied, but man you folks messed up on the 8 pin CPU power cable. I need to plug in the 24 pin motherboard and the 8 pin CPU cable but you can't. The power supply WILL NOT except them. You put that nap together feature on the 4x4 pins and this causes a it to have a Ridge stick out. Then there are 2 latch clips side by side and you did not design a slot big enough to accommodate for that - The holes are designed for One latch clip. I have looked at this and tried to see if i was missing something, but you messed up this 8 pin CPU cable or the power supply slot or both i don't know which it is but I am not a happy camper. My FIRST Corsair power Supply and with something as simple as the cabling tells me it was either a rush job, QC error or a ECN/ECO change at the last minute. Really makes me want to buy another right away and just look at it. I need a fix like yesterday because i can't use this thing. Send a fix or i will just return it from where i bought it and get a different brand. Being a Sr. Electo/Mechanical Project Design Engineer this is totally unacceptable. I say it was a Rush job and the paperwork never got back to the Engineering Department of the change or the ECO/ECN was not done before doing a production run. I will see about the fix offered and if you do not reply in 72 hours Holiday or not i am sending this thing back and WILL NOT ever buy another from you folks. Good Day - Mine is Not, Tennison

  • 's gravatar said:
    3/21/2016 4:58 AM

  • Joao Yordanov's gravatar Joao Yordanov said:
    10/20/2015 1:31 AM

    Any idea for when the Type 3 individual sleeved will be available? Thanks :)

  • C3POwen's gravatar C3POwen said:
    8/6/2015 12:02 PM

    The following thread contains some answers about the RMi's cable compatibility: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=142944 Sadly no word from Corsair on the Type 4 cable kits.

  • Nawaf's gravatar Nawaf said:
    8/3/2015 9:10 AM

    Hey, I've just purchased the RM1000i unit and was wondering when are you going to release the sleeved kit for the ATX 24 pin cable, and can you please confirm which sleeved kit is compatible with the RM1000i? Thanks

  • Billy Carlson's gravatar Billy Carlson said:
    7/30/2015 3:16 PM

    yeah i just bought this and while this is a nice feature I wish they were on the other end of the cables where they go into the psu because it makes the 24 pin and pci connectors want to stick straight up I was wondering why they were so stiff so it made cable management a bit annoying but they are still bendable.

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