Warranty FAQ


Is it possible to share Profiles/Actions/Lighting with other users?


Is it possible to use the keyboard without any software installation?


Is it possible to use the new Corsair Utility Engine software with older Corsair Keyboards like the K90/K95 and regular M60/M65/M95?


I notice some of my colors on the keyboard are lighter/darker than they appear in comparison to other keys. Why is that happening?


How do I update the firmware?


How many keys are programmable with your Corsair Utility Engine software?


I created a new profile but my changes are not applied to the keyboard. How do I apply it?


What is the difference between Foreground Lighting and Background Lighting?


What is Type Lighting (aka Reactive Typing) and how do I set that up?


Where can I download the complete manual as a PDF for the Corsair Utility Engine Software?


What is the difference between a Profile and a Mode?


There are two USB plugs for my keyboard. Which one should I connect?


What do numbers means on the BIOS Switch?


What is 104-Key Rollover?


Where can I download the Corsair Utility Engine Software and Firmware for the keyboard?


Why does my scroll lock button flash when I enable BIOS mode?