Corsair Voyager Air Firmware Update 1.2.7 — June 2013


Attention all Corsair Voyager Air owners, we have some updates for you! We have a firmware update, an iOS app update, and an Android app update.


VA Black Case


The 1.2.7 firmware update adds some very interesting new features that we noted when we first announced Voyager Air. Apple users rejoice, we have added support for AirPlay. We have also added a server media library that will let Voyager Air communicate with DLNA devices on a network.Here is a clip from the release notes that are included with the firmware update.

"This firmware release, combined with iOS app v1.2.9 or Android app v1.2.2, fixes a number of bugs and enables an optional Media Server library, which allows the Voyager Air to communicate with devices that are compatible with DLNA, and that is controlled using the Web Browser interface."

Apple users (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) will need to manually search for the new 1.2.9 app on the App Store. Users will not be able to automatically update from the previous app version to the 1.2.9 version. 1.2.9 fixes include removal of a bug that caused issues for iOS users uploading and downloading large files.

The 1.2.2 Android app is available also and most users will likely have automatically updated by this point. 1.2.2 for Android include bug fixes and some enhanced device support.


Amazing Connectivity


Updating the firmware is very simple and takes about 5 minutes. We have prepared a guide on updating the firmware. Please note that the firmware update cannot be performed on battery power. The AC power adapter must be connected when updating the firmware.

At this time, if you wish to verify your firmware status, reconnect to the Voyager Air and open the app or go to the landing page via your web browswer. Open the Settings tab again and you should see the current firmware version.


VA Verify Update


We hope you enjoy the new functions and improved performance from these updates. If you need additional support for your Voyager Air device or have any questions please contact our technical support team or post in the support forum.

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