Cherry MX Silent


Many of us know already know that Cherry makes quality mechanical switches for keyboards.  Over the years, mechanical keyboards have blown up and has now become the norm for gaming communities. Whether it’s Red, Blue or brown switches, there is a switch for everyone out there. The Red switches is by far the most popular amongst gamers, so we wanted to improve on it. We sat down with Cherry and brainstormed on what people liked most about the red switches and what can we do to improve the already bestselling switch. Well, Cherry did a phenomenal job in creating something that is completely unexpected and made it exclusive to Corsair (Thank you Cherry)

Let me introduce to you our newest gaming peripheral, STRAFE RGB MX Silent keyboard! Believe it or not, the composition of the switch is very similar to the red switch. What makes the MX Silent switch, Silent, is a small piece of material that absorbs the top out impact and the bottom out impact making it 30% quieter than a red switch. The good news? Now you can type away and mash keys without your significant other looking at you like you are crazy. Needless to say, this is a win-win situation. So why wait? Go out and pick up a STRAFE RGB MX Silent and game away…

Here is an exploded view of the Cherry MX Silent Switch:


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