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    Tapis de souris en plastique rigide

    Les tapis de souris rigides Corsair intègrent un cœur léger et solide et deux surfaces. Leurs coins sont en caoutchouc pour empêcher les dérapages.
    • Corsair Vengeance® MM600 Dual-sided Gaming Mouse Mat

      Real Metal Construction

      The foundation of the MM600 is a solid piece of 3mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum. This provides a level of rigidity and durability that will deliver consistent glide for years.

    • Corsair MM400 High-Speed Gaming Mouse Mat — Standard Edition

      Enjoy Low-Friction Gliding

      The surface of the Corsair Vengeance MM400 gaming mouse mat is made of a high-quality, long-lifespan polymer. It has been tuned to deliver outstanding glide characteristics without sacrificing control, allowing for both consistent snap targeting and pixel-precise shots.

    • Corsair MM400 High-Speed Gaming Mouse Mat — Compact Edition

      The MM400 provides you with a low-friction soft surface that’s optimized for gaming sensors, for superior glide characteristics without sacrificing control.