Performance Series™ Pro 128GB SSD


Capacité non formatée : 128 GB

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Essais et récompenses
By Xpert-OC, on Apr 01, 2012

Performance Pro 128GB SSD walks out with a Gold award from Xpert-OC in Germany

By TechPowerUP, on Jan 17, 2012

Performance Pro SSD scores 9.7 / 10 and wins the Editor's Choice award at from TechPowerUP

By TweakTown, on Feb 02, 2012

Corsair Performance Pro 128GB SSD wins the "Must Have - Best Performance" award" at TweakTown

By, on Dec 13, 2011

The Performance Pro 256GB SSD picks up a Silver award from Hardware Test in Denmark.

By KitGuru, on Dec 15, 2011

Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD wins the "Must Have" award at KitGuru

By Next Hardware, on Dec 16, 2011

NextHardware in Italy has reviewed the 256GB Performance Pro and it's another award win and 5/5 verdict.

By Nordic Hardware, on Sep 12, 2011

The Performance Pro continues to pick up an award from Nordic Hardware in Sweden.

By PC for Alla Extreme, on Dec 17, 2011

PC for Alla Extreme in Sweden recommends the Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD

By OverclockingStation, on Dec 31, 2011

Overclocking Station in Germany has given the 128GB Performance Pro SSD their Silver and Top Hardware awards.

By, on Dec 23, 2011

The 256GB Performance Pro picks up a Recommended award from in Norway.

By, on Jan 12, 2012

The 256GB Performance Pro SSD scores 4/5 stars from HWMania in Italy.

By PC-Experience, on Jan 12, 2012

Corsair Performance Pro 128GB SSD wins the Gold award at PC-Experience

By Cowcotland , on Dec 15, 2011

The 256GB Performance Pro SSD wins the Bronze award from Cowcotland in France.

By Hexus, on Dec 12, 2011

Corsair Performance Pro SSD 256GB scores 4.5/5 and wins the "Performance" award at Hexus