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    Corsair AX860i Digital Power Supply wins the "Gold" award from Hardware Heaven
    novembre 2012

    “As far as performance is concerned the AX860i is a very impressive unit in its wattage class. The rails showed only minor fluctuation during testing with temperatures well within acceptable levels. AC Ripple results were class leading and as expected for a new Corsair unit it was great to see the PSU operate fanless during normal system use, only requiring active cooling during more demanding tasks. As far as value goes, there is little to fault Corsair on. We get a unit which arrives with a good selection of cables/connectors, ties, badge and two pouches. The 7-year warranty adds value also and the price point is appropriate to the quality and performance of the unit.”

    Corsair AX760i and AX860i Power Supply gets the "Must Have" award from KitGuru.net
    novembre 2012

    “We were bowled away by the Corsair AX1200i when we reviewed it back in August this year. Three months later and the AX760i and AX860i have not disappointed either. This Professional Series of power supplies from Corsair is without doubt one of the finest that money can buy.”

    Corsair AX1200i picks up the "Editor's Choice" award from Vortez.net
    août 2012

    AX1200i pushes the boundaries, it handles multi-GPU configurations with a breeze, offers complete flexibility with modular cables and is backed by a confident 7 years warranty. Being thoroughly impressed by this new unit the Editor's Choice award is rightly deserved.

    AX and AXi Series

    The Corsair AX Series is our flagship line of power supplies, designed for use in truly remarkable PCs. AXi models are the first desktop PC power supplies with DSP control for amazing efficiency without compromising electrical performance, and the AX models are our very best analog power supplies.