CPU Coolers


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    Premi e riconoscimenti
    Hydro H110 wins Hardware Heaven Recommended award!
    aprile 2013

    “So how did we feel about the cooler overall? Well on the performance front it is an impressive device. Class leading thermal performance is backed by low noise operation, which is always a great mix.”

    H100i wins Gold Award at Gamezoom.net!
    aprile 2013

    The revised model H100 is not only better than its predecessor but also lets the competition look quite old terms of performance

    The Hydro H110 wins the Guru3D Top Pick award!
    aprile 2013

    “The overall performance we think is terrific, and combined with the extremely low noise levels the H110 gets my approval real fast.”

    “Leaving the bling out of this kit keeps it quite affordable, and as such comes recommended by Guru3D.com with a Top Pick award.”

    “You know, we recently tested the NZXT Kraken series which in essence is a product close to the Corsair H110. Both originate from the very same ODM, albeit with different preferences and specs. The basis (radiator/cooling-block) however is from the same DNA. So it's not a surprise to see the two similar sized products perform very close to each other. My preference however goes to Corsair for the simple fact that is it the most silent product.”

    Dissipatori di calore per CPU

    Secondo le regole della fisica, il raffreddamento a liquido è superiore a quello ad aria. I sistemi di raffreddamento per CPU a liquido Corsair Hydro Series sono più silenziosi ed efficaci delle ventole dei dissipatori di calore standard. Completamente autonomi, non necessitano di alcuna manutenzione, né richiedono il riempimento del radiatore. Un sistema di raffreddamento per CPU a liquido Hydro Series è la scelta ottimale per quanti sono impegnati a garantire l'overclocking della CPU o desiderano semplicemente prolungarne la durata.