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    Vengeance M65 wins PC Gamer Editor's Choice award!
    gennaio 2013

    "This is an impressive update to an already impressive mouse, and given that it’s hitting the street with the same £50/$70 price-tag of the M60 – and you can pick it up in Stormtrooper white – the Vengeance M65 gets a big thumbs up from me.

    It may not come with a huge range of extra buttons (the pricier M95 will cater for those needs), but if you’re after a sensitive, well-priced laser gaming rodent the Vengeance M65 is an ideal candidate.”

    The Vengeance M60 mouse picks up the "Gold" award and a perfect of 10/10 at
    aprile 2012

    "Overall, the Corsair Vengeance M60 is a no-nonsense mouse. The design is simple and sleek, (and super sexy.. Shh, it’s fine) the button placement is perfect, and the features of the mouse are unparalleled.

    With the extensive use of the Sniper button in Battlefield 3, I really felt that I had now seen both spectrum’s of FPS games with this supposed ‘FPS Mouse’. With that said, whether it’s gonzo shooting galore in Serious Sam, or more tactical (compared to Sam) shooting titles like Battlefield 3, the M60 performs amazingly no matter what, 10/10."

    Vengeance M60 wins the Best Product award from TechArena in Italy
    aprile 2012

    "The Corsair M60 is a mouse-performance sewing tailoring so tailored to the needs of hardcore gamers. A mouse is solid, strong, exceptionally well built, sophisticated design that brings with it expedient that if you end up under the hand of those who can appreciate, it will make happy those who want to equip."

    Mouse da gioco Vengeance

    I mouse da gioco Vengeance combinano sensori laser all'avanguardia con materiali di alta qualità per offrire l'agilità e il controllo richiesti dai giocatori esperti. Quando non ci si limita a giocare solo per vantarsi, i mouse da gioco Vengeance sono lo strumento di livello professionale che aiuta a vincere più spesso.