Warranty FAQ


Where can I download the Corsair Utility Engine Software and Firmware for the keyboard?


Where can I download the complete manual as a PDF for the Corsair Utility Engine Software?


There are two USB plugs for my keyboard. Which one should I connect?


Is it possible to use the keyboard without any software installation?


How do I update the firmware?


Is it possible to use the new Corsair Utility Engine software with older Corsair Keyboards like the K90/K95 and regular M60/M65/M95?


How many keys are programmable with your Corsair Utility Engine software?


What is the difference between a Profile and a Mode?


What is Type Lighting (aka Reactive Typing) and how do I set that up?


What is the difference between Foreground Lighting and Background Lighting?


Is it possible to share Profiles/Actions/Lighting with other users?


What is 104-Key Rollover?


I created a new profile but my changes are not applied to the keyboard. How do I apply it?


I notice some of my colors on the keyboard are lighter/darker than they appear in comparison to other keys. Why is that happening?


What do numbers means on the BIOS Switch?


Why does my scroll lock button flash when I enable BIOS mode?