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    Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD wins the "Editor's Choice" award at

    “The Corsair Force GT is without a doubt one of the fastest S-ATA SSDs on the market today. It looks like it's going to stay that way, too, because it just about saturates the S-ATA 3 connection with its 500 MB/s write and read speeds. So if you've been putting off your SSD-purchase because there's always been a faster generation just around the corner, this excuse doesn't really work anymore.”

    Overclock3D has tested two 240GB Force GT drives in RAID 0, wins the "Gold" award.

    "The Corsair Force GT is the Bugatti Veyron of storage solutions..." " Despite being cautious of the official Corsair figures the Force GTs actually backed them up with actual performance. 550MB/s is claimed, and with two we did see 1.03GB/s from our RAID 0 arrangement. Given a little overhead this is spot on and the write speeds amazingly actually bettered those claimed by Corsair. A company understating the ability of their product. Someone check to see if hell has frozen over." "So it's definitely worth stating that throughout testing we never stopped being amazed at how high the performance of the Corsair Force GT was." "Combined with our 4GHz 2600K and 1600MHz RAM the Force GTs give us results that we're frankly running out of superlatives to describe. It's the kind of speed that you never cease to be amazed by."

    Corsair Force GT 180GB SSD wins the "Editor's Choice" award at CircuitRemix

    . "So to sum up everything, circuitREMIX strongly recommends Corsair's 180GB Force Series GT solid state drive. Performance is great for the price level of the drive, and support options are good. Consumers who are looking at buying a current generation 120GB SSD should consider getting the 180GB Force Series GT instead. The step up in price isn't big, and users would have gains in capacity and performance. circuitREMIX awards the Corsair's 180GB Force Series GT SSD with it's Editor's Choice award."

    Force Series GT

    Corsair Force Series GT solid-state drives use SandForce controllers to push the limits of SATA 3 performance. They’re a good choice if you’re building a high-end gaming PC, doing large-scale media editing, or any ultra high-performance computing.