Hydro Series™ H70 High Performance Dual-Fan Liquid CPU Cooler

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By Hardwareluxx, on May 05, 2011

Corsair H70 wins the Excellent Hardware award at Hardwareluxx

By TweakTown , on Aug 31, 2010

H70 wins Best Performance Award

By TweakNews, on Jun 12, 2010

H70 wins TopRank award at TweakNews

By TweakTown, on Aug 31, 2010

Tweak Town H70 gets the Must Have Performance award

By Legit Reviews, on Aug 23, 2010

Corsair H70 gets the Editor's Choice at Legit Reviews

By Overclockers Club, on Aug 29, 2010

Corsair H70 gets the gold at Overclockers Club

By Kit Guru, on Aug 25, 2010

Kit Guru reviews the H70

By Maximum PC, on Apr 08, 2010

Corsair H70 recieves 9/10 and Kick Ass! award from MaximumPC

By Hardware Heaven, on Sep 08, 2010

Corsair H70 wins multiple awards at Hardware Heaven

By Hexus, on Sep 08, 2010

Corsair H70 wins Hexus Performance award

By Tweaknews , on Jun 12, 2010

Hydro Series H70 wins Top Rank award at TweakNews

By HardwareCanucks , on Aug 15, 2010

Corsair H70 wins two awards at HardwareCanucks

By OverclockersClub , on Aug 29, 2010

H70 wins Gold Award at OverclockersClub

By Hardware Canucks, on Aug 15, 2010

H70 comes away with two awards from Hardware Canucks