Solid State Drives

7mm high, 2.5 inch (5)
SATA 6Gb/s (5)
128 GB (1)
180 GB (1)
240 GB (1)
360 GB (1)
480 GB (1)


    Corsair Force GS 240GB SSD scores 4.5/5 and wins the Editor's Choice award at TechPoawerUp

    "Corsair's Force GS 240 GB is a great and well-performing solid state drive. It is built on the popular SandForce SF-2281 controller, paired with fast Toggle Mode flash chips, which are a first for Corsair. Corsair has promised improved performance, especially faster write speeds, but our real-world benchmarks showed very little difference. The drive performs at the same level as the OCZ Vertex 3 and Kingston HyperX, which both use a SandForce controller with Intel flash. Nevertheless, overall performance is outstanding and leads our performance charts; only Corsair's Marvell-based Performance Pro is 3% faster."

    Corsair Force GS 240GB SSD scores 4/5 and gets the "Performance" award at

    "Bottom line: Similar solutions have been available for some time, but that takes nothing away from the fact that Corsair's Force Series GS is one of the best-performing SandForce drives on the market."

    Corsair Force GS 240 SSD wins the "Gold" award at

    "The Force GS Series is without doubt one of the best SandForce driven SSDs out there. It pushes the boundaries for performance, is very sturdy, comes with 3 years peace of mind warranty and looks quite funky too. Due to all of these aspects the Force GS Series deserves nothing less than our Gold award for excellence."

    Force 系列 GS

    Force 系列 GS 固态硬盘采用 SandForce SF-2200 系列控制器和快速 Toggle NAND 内存来实现快速顺序读/写速度和强大的随机写入性能,从而获得令人印象深刻的真实存储速度。