SKU CP-9020037-NA/RF
AX860i Digital ATX Power Supply — 860 Watt 80 PLUS® PLATINUM Certified Fully-Modular PSU (NA) (Refurbished)

The revolutionary AXi Series™ PSUs are the first desktop PC power supplies to use digital (DSP) control and CORSAIR Link to bring you an unprecedented level of monitoring and performance customization. The DSP in the AX860i makes on-the-fly adjustments for incredibly tight voltage regulation, 80 PLUS®, PLATINUM Efficiency, and clean, stable power.

Compatible with CORSAIR iCUE

Complete Digital Control

The revolutionary AX1200i is the first desktop PC power supply to use digital (DSP) control and Corsair Link to bring you an unprecedented level of monitoring and performance customization. The DSP in the AX1200i makes on-the-fly adjustments for incredibly tight voltage regulation, 80 PLUS® Platinum Efficiency, and clean, stable power.

Real-time monitoring and control with Corsair Link

Put the AX1200i under your control by connecting it directly to a USB header on your motherboard with the included cable, or to a Corsair Link Commander (available separately). Then, download the free Corsair Link Dashboard software for unrivaled power supply monitoring and control options.

Monitor power input and output, efficiency, fan speed, and internal temperature, directly from the Windows based application. Or, take it to the next level and set up and modify fan speed profiles, or even select from virtual “single rail” or “multi-rail” software modes, with selectable OCP points.

Stable and reliable power delivery

DSP-controlled, real-time voltage regulation helps ensure that your valuable components receive clean, stable power.

Less heat and lower operating cost

AX1200i's extreme efficiency earns it coveted 80 PLUS® Platinum certification. Less wasted power means minimal excess heat. This can reduce the strain on your other components, and it can save you money over the long run in the form of lower power bills.

Quiet operation at low loads

Super-high efficiency has another benefit: silence. The thermally-controlled fan doesn't even spin at low loads. It's ideal if you're building a quiet PC or you just want to reduce the amount of ambient noise in your life.

Easy installation and cable routing, with better airflow

The fully modular cable set allows you to use only the cables you need, and the flat design makes cable routing much easier in tight spaces. You get a clean-looking system build with cables out of the airflow path for efficient space usage that's energy efficient as well.


  • Package Contents

  • AX860i power supply
  • Modular cable pack
  • Accessory bag with mounting hardware, cable ties, and case badge
  • Installation Guide
  • Corsair Link Digital interface cable
  • Corsair Link USB Dongle
  • Compatibility

  • ATX12V v2.31 and EPS 2.92 standards

ATX Connector
Ability to toggle singlemultiple 12V rails
ATX12V Version
Continuous output rated temperature C
Continuous power W
860 Watts
Corsair Link Support
Fan bearing technology
Dual Ball Bearing
Fan size mm
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
Multi-GPU ready
860 Watts
One year
80 PLUS Efficiency
PSU Form Factor
Zero RPM Mode
Cable Type
Low-Profile, All Black
C-Link Ready
150mm x 86mm x 160mm
EPS Connector
Floppy Connector
PCI-E Connector
Plug Type
SATA Connector

By Hardware Canucks

Posted on  November 6, 2012

Corsair AX860i Platinum PSU wins the "Performance" award at

“We're fans of high-quality kit that just does what it says on the tin, and Corsair's Platinum-rated AX860i fits that bill. There are certainly cheaper supplies that do a commendable job, including Corsair's own, but users wanting a top-class build for their next PC should keep this PSU in their thoughts.”

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By Gamer's Edge

Posted on  November 6, 2012 gives the Corsair AX860i 80 PLUS Platinum PSU the "Best Performance" award

"Corsair didn't cut any of the features from the AX1200i when designing the AX860i. You get the same functionality across the board. This includes the DSP, high efficiency, real-time monitoring with integration into Corsair Link, and even the ability to set custom OCP points as you wish. They didn't cut from the quality of the unit either. Voltage regulation, DC output quality, and efficiency are all almost identical to what was delivered with the AX1200i. You simply can't ask for more out of a power supply."

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By TechPowerUP

Posted on  

Corsair AX860i Digital Power Supply wins the "Gold" award from Hardware Heaven

“As far as performance is concerned the AX860i is a very impressive unit in its wattage class. The rails showed only minor fluctuation during testing with temperatures well within acceptable levels. AC Ripple results were class leading and as expected for a new Corsair unit it was great to see the PSU operate fanless during normal system use, only requiring active cooling during more demanding tasks. As far as value goes, there is little to fault Corsair on. We get a unit which arrives with a good selection of cables/connectors, ties, badge and two pouches. The 7-year warranty adds value also and the price point is appropriate to the quality and performance of the unit.”

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By Guru3D

Posted on  November 6, 2012

Corsair AX760i and AX860i Power Supply gets the "Must Have" award from

“We were bowled away by the Corsair AX1200i when we reviewed it back in August this year. Three months later and the AX760i and AX860i have not disappointed either. This Professional Series of power supplies from Corsair is without doubt one of the finest that money can buy.”

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