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CORSAIR Raptor LK1 Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Raptor LK1 provides the durability, reliable responsiveness, and great key feel you need for FPS gaming.

Anti-ghosting key matrix

Fast gaming requires fast keyboard work. Rapid keypresses and multi-key combos can overload the logic circuitry of ordinary keyboards, resulting in missed keys or incorrect “ghost” inputs. When you’re gaming against skilled opponents, this can be deadly.

Corsair Raptor LK1 is built from the hardware up to handle multiple simultaneous keypresses quickly and accurately.

Red replaceable WASD and arrow keys

The core keys for FPS gaming control are easy to find in an instant. Need to run in stealth mode? A set of black keys and a key replacement tool are also included.

Spill-resistant design

Long gaming sessions require constant refreshment, but electronics and water don’t mix. Corsair Raptor LK1 is designed with spill-resistant surfaces and drainage holes to help minimize the risk of gear failure.

Adjustable tilt legs and non-slip pads

The ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue, and helps keep the keyboard in place when you’re pushing it hard.

Textured keys

All key surfaces are lightly textured for great feel for both typing and game play.

About Corsair Raptor Gaming Peripherals

Good hardware doesn’t make you win, but bad hardware will make you lose. That’s why Corsair’s Raptor gaming products are designed from the ground up to deliver pure gaming performance. Because winning might not be everything, but who really wants to lose?

Keyboard Warranty
2 Year
Keyboard Layout
HID Keyboard Report Rate
Key Switches
Rubber Dome
104 Keys
Keyboard Connectivity
Adjustable Height
Spill/Dust Resistant
Keyboard Type Size
Keyboard Product Family
Keyboard Rollover
6-Key (6KRO)
Full Size
Wired Connectivity
USB 2.0 Type-A
Wrist Rest
Not Supported
Keyboard CUE Software
Not Supported
Keyboard Cable Type
RAPTOR LK1 Gaming Keyboard