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Hydro Series™ HG10 A1 GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket

Hydro Series™ HG10 allows you to attach a Hydro Series™ CPU cooler (not included) to your GPU for better cooling and quieter operation.

Upgrade your AMD Radeon 290 or 290X to liquid cooling for better performance

The Hydro Series HG10 A1 GPU liquid cooling bracket allows you to adapt a Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler (not included) to your GPU. It’s compatible with reference design AMD Radeon 290 and 290X graphics cards and it installs quickly and easily.

The best upgrade you can make to your GPU

Liquid cooling is superior to air cooling – it’s basic physics. With the HG10 A1, upgrading your GPU to liquid cooling has never been easier. The HG10 A1 protects your investment in your GPU, helps it run cooler, and gives you more overclocking headroom. And with the added bonus of allowing your GPU to run quieter, once you’ve moved to liquid cooling you’ll never want to go back.

Run cooler and quieter

Using a Hydro Series HG10 A1 can reduce your GPU’s temperature by up to 50° C. Most GPUs have a temperature-controlled fan, and when your GPU detects that it’s running cooler, it will slow down its onboard fan.

Multi-chip cooling

The HG10 A1 bracket combined with your Hydro Series cold plate provides excellent cooling for not only your GPU, but also your VRAM and VRMs.

Compatible with Reference Design AMD Radeon 290 and 290X GPUs

The HG10 A1 fits GPUs based on the AMD Radeon 290 and 290X reference designs. Not sure if yours is compatible? Check the compatibility list on the tech specs page.

Works with Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

The HG10 A1 works with the Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler you already have (see specs for full compatibility list). Have you upgraded your original Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler, and have an older model lying around? This is the perfect application for it.

Cooling Warranty
Two years
Radiator Dimensions
240mm x 100mm x 55mm
Hydro Series HG10 A1 GPU Liquid Cooling Bracket!Installation Guide!Accessory Kit:!x 8 Card Screws!x 4 Short Hydro Series Standoff!x 4 Long Hydro Series Standoff!x 4 Thumb Screws!x 4 Fan Shroud Screws!Fan blower not included