Perfomance Series™ P128 Solid-State Hard Drive

Based on the second-generation Samsung controller with 128MB of cache memory and using Samsung flash memory, the Performance Series™ offers excellent, stutter-free performance, and the best stability and system compatibility available. Performance Series™ SSDs are an ideal choice for notebooks, netbooks, and desktop PCs alike.

Replacing your hard disk drive with a Corsair Performance Series SSD will revolutionize your computing experience.

Games load quicker, your computer starts faster, and multiple applications run smoother, all while running cool and silent.

Corsair’s Performance Series family is the ideal choice for your mobile or desktop computing needs. Proven Samsung technology guarantees out-of-the-box performance, worry-free compatibility, and rock-solid stability without the need to adjust complex system-level settings or update firmware. Its 220MB/s read (240 MB/s for 512GB model) and 180MB/s write (200 MB/s for 512GB model) speed provides outstanding performance, and capacities up to 512GB provide ample storage for lots of applications, photos, music, and video.

The speed, capacity, and compatibility of the Performance Series drives are supported by the inherent reliability of solid state technology, resulting in a truly compelling solution for your mass storage requirements.

  • Fast—Games and apps load faster, Windows is more responsive
  • Compatible—The Performance Series technology is extensively validated in major computing platforms
  • Stutter free—Samsung controller ensures smooth performance, unlike that of cheaper SSDs
  • Silent—No moving parts means zero noise and high reliability
  • Low Power—Longer battery life for laptop users means greater productivity
  • Backed by Corsair—A respected name with a passion for great service and support

P128 Features

  • Maximum sequential read speed 220MB/s (240 MB/s for 512GB model)
  • Maximum sequential write speed 180MB/s (200 MB/s for 512GB model)
  • Samsung controller and MLC NAND flash for compatibility and consistent performance
  • 128MB DRAM cache and NCQ support for stutter-free performance
  • No moving parts for increased durability over standard hard disk drives
  • Decreased power usage for cool and quiet operation and increased laptop battery life
  • 100+ Year Life Expectancy (MTBF)
  • Three year warranty
SSD Unformatted Capacity
128 GB
SSD Smart Support
SSD Interface
SATA 3Gb/s
Power Consumption active
2.0W Max
Power Consumption Inactive
0.5W Max
SSD Sequential Read Write
Up to 220 MB/s read — 180 MB/s write
Form Factor
2.5 inch
NAND Technology
5V ±5%
SSD Shock
1500 G


Posted on  July 16, 2009

Guru3D Recommends the Corsair P128 SSD

So then, there's very little more to say about the P128, the performance levels are top notch and as such it is an incredibly sexy little piece of technology.

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