Obsidian Series™ 650D Mid-Tower Case (Refurbished)

Brilliant Design, Inside and Out&trade,The Obsidian Series™ 650D is manufactured with strong, stamped steel parts for increased rigidity, and coated in a black textured paint. The front panel features a beautiful black brushed aluminum faceplate to bring a subtle elegance to your next build.

The Obsidian Series: Designed by builders, for builders

Hochwertige Bauweise

Dank der robusten Konstruktion aus gestanzten Stahlkomponenten ist der Midi-Tower 650D der Obsidian Series äußerst stabil. Er verfügt über eine schwarze, strukturierte Oberfläche. Die elegante Front aus mattschwarzem Aluminium sorgt für ein attraktives äußeres Erscheinungsbild Ihres Systems.

Ausgezeichnete Kühlung

Hinter dem vorderen Staubfilter verbirgt sich ein großer, schwarzer 200-mm-Eingangslüfter, durch den Ihre Festplatten und Grafikkarten mit einem gewaltigen Strom kalter Luft versorgt werden.

Der Luftstrom wird durch einen zweiten 200-mm-Lüfter oben am Gehäuse und einen rückseitigen 120-mm-Lüfter abgeleitet.

Der obere Lüfter kann durch zwei 120-mm- oder 140-mm-Lüfter ersetzt werden und bietet genügend Platz für zwei Kühler, wenn Sie eine Wasserkühlung einbauen möchten.

Alle Lüfter werden über einen Vierkanal-Lüfter-Controller mit drei Modi gesteuert, damit Sie eine individuelle Entscheidung zwischen Geräuschpegel und Leistung treffen können.

Preisgekrönte Merkmale

Das Gehäuse 650D gehört zur preisgekrönten Obsidian Series von Corsair. Hinter dem Namen „Obsidian Series“ verbergen sich relevante Merkmale, von denen selbst erfahrenste Systembauer profitieren können.


  • Compatibility

  • Mini-ITX
  • MicroATX
  • ATX

Technische Daten

  • Maximum GPU Length: 340mm
  • Maximum PSU Length: 220mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 185mm
  • Case Expansion Slots: 8
  • Case Drive Bays: (x4) 5.25in (x6) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
  • Case Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers: H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110
Case Form Factor
Case Windowed
Case Warranty
One year
Corsair Link Enabled
Maximum GPU Length
Maximum PSU Length
Maximum CPU Cooler Height
Case Expansion Slots
Case Drive Bays
(x4) 5.25in (x6) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
Case Power Supply
ATX (not included)
German Weight
Case Drive Bays 3.5"
Case Drive Bays 2.5"
Case Material
Aluminum, Steel
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers
H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110

Beitrag vom  10. Oktober 2011 in France recommends the Obsidian 650D Case

Publication language is French: in France recommends the Obsidian 650D Case

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Beitrag vom  20. Juni 2011

Obisidian 650D wins an award at

Publication language is Dutch: has published its review of the Obsidian 650D chassis and we win the “Zeer Goed” award (Very Good).

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VonLegit Reviews

Beitrag vom  20. Mai 2011

650D wins the "Editor's Choice" award at Legit Reviews

"Corsair's Obsidian Line of Cases has proven itself to be almost the go to line for computer enthusiasts and today is no exception; the Obsidian Series 650D is the one of the best cases I have worked with yet."

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Beitrag vom  15. April 2011

Corsair 650D wins Sweclockers Recommended Award

Publication language is Swedish "Those looking to build a dead silent system should perhaps look for other options, but for the enthusiast who wants to have good cooling in combination with great potential for expansion, we see no better option in this price range."

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Beitrag vom  19. Mai 2011

Obsidian 650D wins 5 stars award at Nexthardware

Publication language is Italian: NextHardware in Italy reviews the Obsidian 650D, and congratulates us for “a job well done”. They appreciate that it offers full-tower features in a more compact size, and they praise the build quality premium materials, and cooling. Like others, they would like vibration damping material on the PSU bay, though. They say they could spend hours listing the myriad benefits of “this amazing product”. They conclude by saying that if you are looking for a solid, good-looking case with clean lines, that’s easy to assemble, and can accommodate a good water cooling system, then “the Corsair Obsidian 650D is the case for you.”

Ausführlicher Testbericht!

VonBenchmark Reviews

Beitrag vom  17. Mai 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Editor's Choice" award at

"The Obsidian 650D retails for about $199 making it a pricey case to own; is it worth it? We think so due to all the features it offered. It currently has 5/5 Eggs on NewEgg, and should that not convince you then the 5/5 Eggs on the 800D with 294 reviews should, but if not still then maybe it's $10 MIR (good till 5/31/2011) can be it's saving grace."

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Beitrag vom  11. Mai 2011

650D Wins award at

Review in German: The Obsisdian 650D wins the Recommended award. They say it combines the design finesse of the 600T with the looks of the Obsidian Series, making it a great choice if the 700/800D are simply too large for you.

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Beitrag vom  17. Mai 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Best Features" award at TweakTown

" As much as I love what this case offers, how sleek and sexy it is, and the beautiful looking results, I think even I might pass at this pricing. Don't get me wrong; I really, really like this chassis. The only issue is how I recommend it over the previous two we have just seen at double the price"

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VonHardware Heaven

Beitrag vom  28. Juni 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Gold Award" at Technic3D

“All in all, the 650D is pretty close to being perfect for any kind of PC - a strong buy recommendation!”

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VonComputer Shopper

Beitrag vom  16. Juni 2011

Obsidian 650D wins award at Mikrodatorn

Publication language is Swedish: Obsidian 650D wins the Recommended award

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Beitrag vom  20. Mai 2011

Obsidian 650D wins award at

Review in Danish: gave the 650D the "Safe Buy" award. It's a very detailed review and they like pretty much everything about it.

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Beitrag vom  5. Februar 2011

The Obsidian 650D wins award at Techgage Networks

“The fit and finish on the 650D is incredible. From the perfect paint job to the way the panels fit to the way all of the components installed - it is easily in my top 3 favorite cases to work with. Cable management is a dream come true and the nearly all tool-less installation makes the build process a treat.”

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VonOverclockers Club

Beitrag vom  13. Juli 2011

TechReaction gives the Obsidian 650D case the Gold Silicon Award

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Beitrag vom  7. November 2011 gives the Obsidian 650D the "Must Have" award and scores it 9.5 out of 10

"As is often the case with impressive products, the Corsair Obsidian 650D doesn’t come cheap. At a price of around £125 at YOYOTech we think it still offers great value for money but won’t be affordable for a lot of users. But for those who can find the cash, we would definitely recommend it, especially for those who want to use water cooling."

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Beitrag vom  7. Dezember 2011

Obsidian 650D scores 9.7 out of 10 and receives the "Editor's Choice" award at TechPowerUP

"They have not only managed to impress with the Graphite 600T (which is also available in white!), but have ported the great feature set found within that case and infused it into a new chassis worthy of the Obsidian name tag. The extra features, looks and quality give the Obsidian 650D plenty of unique aspects, while the shared use of the case internals should keep the price lower. For anyone eying with a 700D or 800D, but wanting something smaller, the Obsidian 650D is it."

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VonGamer's Edge

Beitrag vom  21. April 2011

Corsair 650D wims award at Hexus

"Despite being the smallest Obsidian Series chassis to date, the 650D has ample room to house a seriously high-end PC, cooling is well catered for through three pre-bundled fans and there's adequate room to install elaborate liquid coolers. Couple that with more cable routing options than you're ever likely to need, a hot-swappable SATA bay, integrated fan control and first-class build quality, and you're left with an impressive overall package." "Bottom line: the Obsidian Series 650D's spacious interior, solid build quality and abundance of features make it one of the very best mid-tower chassis on the market."

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Beitrag vom  6. Februar 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Editor's Choice" award at Pure Overclock

"At a price of $200, you get some amazing design, features, and quality for your money. Once you figure in the top panel docking for both 2.5" and 3.5" drives, the tool-less optical bays and hard drive caddies, spacious interior, water cooling capabilities, and great cable routing options, the Corsair Obsidian 650D is an outstanding mid-tower case."

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Beitrag vom  6. August 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Gold" award at

"Of course, opinions are subjective and every individual's take will differ, but the Obsidian series from Corsair is already a proven line and has many admirers. The Obsidian 650D is no exception and definitely has my vote for one of my top favorite cases that I've had the pleasure of using. Wire management has a solid design and it was very easy to use. This is the roomiest mid-tower I've ever used, though it is only about an inch and a half shorter than the HAF932, which is a full tower case."

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VonTeam Hardware Venezuela

Beitrag vom  6. September 2011

Overclock Intelligence Agency approves the Obsidian 650D

"As of writing, the Corsair Obsidian 650D retails for $199.99 at Newegg ($189.99 currently after rebate). This is $79 cheaper than the 800D currently sells for. Don't get me wrong, $200 for a mid-tower case is still a lot of money, but this price point is fair considering the features and level of craftsmanship that accompanies this chassis. Simply put, if you want a premium mid-tower with a wealth of features, this is the one to get. If you need more space for additional hardware, the 800D is still my top choice for a desktop PC case."

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Beitrag vom  13. Juni 2011

Maximum PC awards the Obsidian Series 650D KICK ASS!

We don’t like to make recommendations right off the bat—part of the fun of reading these reviews (we’d imagine) comes from the buildup (ha!). But the Corsair 650D blew us away in pretty much every category.

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VonHardware Secrets

Beitrag vom  7. Dezember 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the "Gold Award" at PC Perspective

Obsidian 650D wins the "Gold Award" at PC Perspective

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VonLegit Reviews

Beitrag vom  25. April 2011

Guru3D gives Corsair 650D the Best Hardware Award

"There's extremely little negative to report here really as the chassis (for a mid-tower) nears perfection." "So there you have it, the Obsidian 650D is just a spectacular mid-tower chassis. It is a little pricy, though we found it for as little as 140 EUR here in Europe and expect something close to 200 USD in the USA. But it is worth that money alright, top notch gear and as such it receives our best hardware award. Well done Corsair."

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VonHardware Heaven

Beitrag vom  8. Mai 2011

650D wins the Editor's choice award at

“I've been waiting for the Obsidian 650D for a good while now, and was really excited to get my hands on it. The idea was to get 800D quality and attention to detail at more reasonable size and price, and the 650D pulled it off just as I'd hoped. The case is significantly smaller and lighter, without losing too many features. For 4 hot-swap bays you'll still have to go for the 800D, but for the rest of us everything is still there. The layout of the 650D is my current favourite of all the cases I've reviewed. The Silverstone FT01 held this crown for a good while, but compared to that the 650D drops the positive pressure cooling, uses larger fans, has better cable management, clever HDD-cage and overall just that little bit more room.”

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Beitrag vom  20. Juni 2011

Obsidian 650D wins the Bronze award at Cowcotland

Publication language is French: “A very good deal for those seeking a well-equipped and efficient housing.”

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Beitrag vom  5. April 2011

Corsair 650D wins the Gold Award and Performance Award at Hardware Heaven

“With the 800D and 700D Corsair had set the bar exceedingly high and this newest entry into the Obsidian range certainly had a lot to live up to. So we were delighted to find that the high quality of the previous cases has been carried on with the 650D. Summary Excellent build quality, great airflow, low noise, a spacious design and an ideal price point means the 650D is a great addition to Corsair’s Obsidian range.”

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Beitrag vom  31. Mai 2011

650D scores 9.3 out of 10 at Benchmark Reviews

"Overall my time spent with the 650D was wonderful. It was easy to work with, easy on the eye, and full of features that would be useful every time I needed to work on my system. Every person whom I have shown it to that currently owns the 800D says they wish that this was the size that the 800D had been. At the same time it is an expensive case and still very large especially for a "mid-tower" case. Non-the-less I would recommend the 650D to anyone who asked me about it, and if it were not for the fact that I love the Silverstone RV02 I currently use, I would be using it as my main case at this moment."

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