Preparing for the Next Generation of Memory

By Chris Stolze, on May 12, 2021

DDR4 memory has had a great run with our excellent kits like our DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB, VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL, and VENGEANCE LPX offering high performance and outstanding looks. With that said, DDR5 memory is on the horizon, bringing with it some key improvements for your current and future computing needs.

What is DDR5?

Better, faster, and more efficient! DDR5 aims to raise the cap on memory speed and capacity in a big way, pushing bandwidth up to 51 GBps (for DDR5-6400 at the time of writing).

And raising the theoretical capacity of a single stick of RAM up to a whopping 128GB!

Why Do We Need DDR5?

More bandwidth allows for more efficient use of the memory bus in systems with high core count CPUs while the denser capacities will allow your system to tackle even more at once which is great for streaming and content creation (just to name a few applications).

When is DDR5 Coming?

Soon™! The industry is hard at work on bringing the next generation of memory to a desktop near you and we’ve been in the memory game for a long time. We’re excited to share more about DDR5 in the coming months so keep an eye out for more details from our social channels! In the meantime, we’ve put together this primer to help get you up to speed on DDR5.

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