CORSAIR Gaming Audio Series™ SP2200 2.1 PC Speaker System

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Diseñado para jugadores y amantes del sonido que buscan un sistema de altavoces 2.1 compacto, garantiza sonido excepcional en un espacio reducido.

Encontrar un minorista

Sonido excepcional...

El audio de los juegos de alto rendimiento requiere de un considerable caudal de potencia. Dotado de nada menos que 46 vatios, 30 de ellos dedicados exclusivamente al subwoofer, el sistema de altavoces para PC 2.1 Gaming Audio Series SP2200 ofrece una respuesta óptima. Su subwoofer lateral cuenta con un controlador activo de 6" —los controladores pasivos o a presión brillan aquí por su ausencia— para garantizar juegos de acción trepidante, mientras que el satélite proporciona una imagen estéreo precisa y un amplio punto óptimo.

…en un diseño compacto

Si necesita aprovechar al máximo el espacio de su escritorio, es crucial que cada componente tenga el tamaño justo. Los satélites compactos han sido calibrados acústicamente para proporcionar una reproducción de audio de gran detallismo en un espacio reducido. El subwoofer es lo suficientemente pequeño como para colocarlo en el escritorio… o dejarlo en el suelo donde no moleste, aunque sin duda se dejará sentir.

La ventaja Corsair

Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector de memorias y componentes para entusiastas, gozamos de una gran reputación en lo referente a calidad, compatibilidad y rendimiento. ¿Necesita ayuda? Póngase en contacto con nosotros por teléfono, correo electrónico o en nuestro foro web.

Datos de potencia verdaderos

Los valores declarados de potencia en vatios no son "picos" ni valores máximos de potencia, sino que equivalen a la potencia media de salida continua de la señal sinusoidal medida según se establece en el capítulo 16, sección 432 de la norma estadounidense de determinación de potencia según el método FTC (RMS).

Audio Product
Speaker System
Headset Backlighting
Audio CUE Software
Surround Sound
Detachable Microphone
Rechargble Battery
Headset Frequency Response
35Hz – 20kH
Headset Battery Life
Headphone Sensitivity
Headset Wireless Range
2.2 Ohms @ 1kHz
Headset Type
Wired, 3.5mm analog
Headset Connector Type
3.5mm analog
Headset Drivers
Cable Length
Microphone Impedance
Microphone Type
Microphone Frequency Response
Microphone Sensitivity


Posted on   20 de abril de 2011

Corsair SP2200 wins award at Hexus

"A number of manufacturers opt for a 5.1 set of speakers at this £80 price point, trying to give you more bang for your buck, but Corsair remains committed, for the time being, in providing three speakers, with an ostensible bias towards quality over quantity. Spoilt as we were with the relative excellence of the precise sound of the SP2500, Corsair's entry-level SP2200 2.1 speakers have many of their bigger brother's attributes at a lower price. £80 is still a lot to pay for just three speakers, granted, but if you want high-quality audio and have a decent soundcard or digital audio player as an input, the Corsair SP2200 absolutely deserve to be on a shortlist "

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Posted on   9 de diciembre de 2011

Corsair SP2200 speakers gets the "Bronze" award at

“Still the impressive undistorted volume, excellent build quality and ease of connectivity at £39 make the Corsair SP2200s worthy of our OC3D Bronze Award.”

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ByLegit Reviews

Posted on   13 de abril de 2011

Corsair SP2200 wins Value Award at Legit Reviews

"The Corsair SP2200 system is probably the best value system to get for most people looking at accurate sound reproduction with a powerful bass setup."

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Posted on   25 de mayo de 2011

Corsair SP2200 wins award at Techdad review

"The Corsair SP2200 are capable 2.1 gaming speakers with typical Corsair quality. They’d easily satisfy the casual gaming crowd and I recommend them without reservation. Hardcore gamers with a bigger budget would probably be happier with the SP2500′s, but for everyone else, the SP2200′s should be on your short list."

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Posted on   15 de marzo de 2011

Hardware Heaven gives the SP2200 Speakers the Value Award

"With the SP2200 Corsair has brought to market a speaker system that is sure to dominate its price-point. While its big brother SP2500 may have power and exceptional level of quality going for it the SP2200 is no slouch, it packs a mean punch for such a compact setup."

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Posted on   5 de mayo de 2012

Corsair Gaming Audio Speakers SP2200 gets the Gold award from Hardwarermx

"Modern, practical package, very good audio quality, good size."

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Posted on   5 de abril de 2011

Techgage gives the SP2200 the Editor's Choice Award

"These speakers have been designed as near-field speakers. While you can certainly listen to them from more than a couple meters away, the mid-range rolls off quite quickly and you lose all stereo separation too, leaving room-filling, floor-shaking bass, and most of the 1k+ range. Don't expect to use these as a substitute for a home theater setup. When one is placed in the sweet-spot however, audio quality is unmatched within this price range. Sure, you may miss out on the clarity of the dedicated tweeters or the accuracy of the 4th order sub, but for pure audio enjoyment in a small footprint, the SP2200's are no slouch. The sub is surprisingly powerful while still keeping a fair amount of punch in the air. While it may seem that we give out a lot of Editor's Choice awards to Corsair, it's hard not to, as each one is well-deserved. If you are looking to spend $100 on speakers, but want quality over quantity (missing out on a 5.1 system), then the Corsair SP2200s are very much worth the price; and without a doubt get our Editor's Choice award."

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Posted on   8 de enero de 2011

Corsair SP2200 wins "Price/Performance" award at

Publication language is German: "With good workmanship, good sound and a pleasing appearance, the SP2200 from Corsair scores well. The additional auxiliary input is a bonus, and you can connect your smart phone as well. In summary, the SP2200 is in the upper part of the field of “sub 100€" 2.1 systems."

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(x1) Subwoofer (x2) Satellites (x1) 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable for PC input (x2) 6" / 1.8m satellite audio cables with ATX4 connectors (x1) Power cable User Guide