Hydro Series™ H50 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

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The CORSAIR Hydro Series&trade, H50 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy to install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.

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The Corsair Hydro Series™ H50 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy to install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.The Hydro Series H50 goes head-to-head with top of the line heatsinks, but maintains the near silence of liquid cooling for annoyance-free cooling performance. Due to its compact form factor, the H50 is the ideal solution for any case with a 120mm fan mount, even small form factor cases that prevent the installation of traditional heatpipe based air coolers. So whether you want world-class cooling, lower noise levels than your current CPU cooler, or something that fits in your small form factor case, the closed-loop Hydro Series H50 takes your CPU’s temperature to new lows and takes up less room doing it.

  • Pre-filled, closed-loop system is easy to install
  • Copper CPU cooling plate for maximum cooling performance
  • Integrated pump and reservoir is sealed for zero maintenance and improved leakage protection
  • Large 120mm radiator for fast heat dispersion
  • High-efficiency, low-noise 120mm fan for drawing cool air across the radiator
  • Two-year warranty

By Future Looks

Posted on   October 16, 2009

Future Looks recommends the Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler over the CoolIT Domino

In the end, the Corsair H50 is a tough act to beat. It takes down the CoolIT Domino with ease, while managing to stay all quiet and efficient. I?d recommend it to anyone who wants a CPU cooler that can start with a whisper, and ramp up to a scream if you want it to.

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By Tweak Town

Posted on   February 6, 2009

Tweaktown gives a video preview of the H50 CPU cooler

The story goes that Asetek contacted Corsair around about one year ago to re-sell one of their coolers. Instead Corsair decided to work directly with Asetek and improve on the design. The result is the new Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler.

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By PC Perspective

Posted on   July 15, 2009

The Corsair Hydro Series H50 is "Golden" at PC Perspective

As shown in our quick benchmarks in the video review above, the Corsair H50 dominated over the stock Intel cooler, as you would expect. Under a full load, the H50 ran our Core i7-920 as much as 24C cooler! That is QUITE a difference and would allow for a much better chance of overclocking.

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By RW Labs

Posted on   November 14, 2009

Real World Mods gives the Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler their Editor's Choice award

The Hydro Series H50 by Corsair is certainly the best cost-effective water cooling solution in the market as we speak. Its overall cooling performance is very good and although it can't be compared with DIY watercooling kits it does exactly what it promises.

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By Informaticaeasy

Posted on   July 14, 2009

Informaticaeasy prefers the Corsair Hydro Series H50 over the Coolit Domino

Speaking of noise, the Corsair was positively surprised by the low noise during operation was almost imperceptible as covered by the noise of the fan case (same content). Even running the fan at maximum speed (12V fixed) the noise level remained almost unchanged.

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By Ninja Lane

Posted on   February 8, 2009

Mad Shrimps reviews the Corsair Hydro Series H50

Bang for the buck there's no discussion possible... This is it! The results clearly show that it can handle the nuclear i7 CPU's with modest OC's quite well.

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By GoGamingGiant

Posted on   January 19, 2011

Proclockers takes a look at the Corsair H50

"The performance surrendered by the H50 is right in the range of high performance air coolers. We saw in our test how it fared against one of Scythe’s newest coolers the Yasya, which is no slouch. With that being said the price of the H50 can be had from $55 on sale to $79 retail. At this price it is right in line with the higher end coolers when you factor their price, plus a couple of decent fans as some don't even give you even one."

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By TechReaction

Posted on   September 23, 2009

Hydro Series H50 wins Maximum PC KICK ASS! award

How about that Hydro Series™ H70 CPU cooler? Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me. In case you missed it, Maximum PC had the very first review of the H70 and they gave it their iconic “Kick Ass!” award.

“As they did on the old test bed, the H50 and Hyper 212+ performed within a few degrees of each other, keeping the CPU at full burn nearly 32 degrees cooler than the stock heatsink. The H70 brought full-burn temps down to 51 C—five to six degrees cooler than either.”

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By The Overclocker

Posted on   December 23, 2009

Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler wins "Best Water Cooling Kit of 2009"

When the Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler launched in June 2009 it promised to give consumers the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy-to-install package at a sub $100 price point. The little liquid cooler more than impressed us in our in-depth review of it that was published back in July 2009. We also found that changing the fan configuration on the little cooler would improve performance even more, which is nice for enthusiasts and modders.

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By Hardware Canucks

Posted on   February 21, 2011

Corsair H70 Recommended by Overclockers AU

"All in all, Corsair's Hydro H70 CPU cooler offers a cool, compact and affordable water-cooling solution that lets you forget about the worries and complexities associated with full-blown water-cooling kit, not to mention the ongoing maintenance. That, combined with its plug-and-play design, increased cooling capacity and refined design make it able to handle any processor on the market and offers mainstream and enthusiast users ample overclocking headroom."

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By Alla Extreme

Posted on   January 9, 2009

Maximum PC gives the Corsair Hydro Series H50 their Kick Ass award!

The H50 lowered full-burn temperature nearly 35 degrees from the stock cooler, and almost five degrees below the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme, our champion air cooler.

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By Hardware Canucks

Posted on   June 8, 2009

Driver Heaven makes the H50 their preferred liquid cooling solution

...when we saw that the H50 easily outperforms the Domino in all of our tests we have to admit to being more than a little surprised. Rarely do PR and marketing claims of performance turn out to be true. In addition to this the H50 was outperforming the Domino at much lower noise levels. It is therefore great to see that the H50 actually retails for ?62/69.99, cheaper than the Domino, and as a result it becomes our preferred liquid cooling solution for Intel and AMD processors.

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By Overclockers Club

Posted on   October 11, 2009

The Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler wins "Top Rank" at Tweak News

Corsair's H50 liquid cooling kit has a lot going for it. Not only is this a turnkey system that requires no assembly or maintenance, it is relatively easy to install, has very good cooling performance and is priced competitively with higher-end air coolers. The design is thoughtful and the materials and workmanship seem to be quite good, and you're unlikely to find a liquid cooling system that is quicker or easier to install.

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By Hot Hardware

Posted on   August 24, 2009

The H50 exceeds expectations at Techgage

As it is, the H50 is an excellent piece, and I'm pleased to award it a 9 out of 10 on our Techgage scale. There were no real downsides to this product and it performed at and above my expectations.

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Posted on   August 20, 2009

Metku Mods finds the Hydro Series H50 Golden

The simple and solid construction with care-free tubing, coupled with easy installation is definitely the way to go. The performance is also top-notch for a cooler in this price range, taking a close win over the comparison in our performance tests.

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By Maximum PC

Posted on   November 11, 2009

Xbit Labs finds the Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler appealing

Frankly speaking, I was pretty skeptical about Corsair H50 when I just started the review, because of all the previous experience I had with similar systems. However, I am glad that I was wrong, because this liquid-cooling system did surprise me in a very positive way and not just with one specific feature but with a combination of characteristics.

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By PureOverclock

Posted on   June 30, 2009 recommends the Corsair Hydro Series H50

Once installed, performance is a touch better than a class-leading air cooler, the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme, and significantly better than an Intel reference heatsink. The liquid-cooled nature of the design means it's less partial to increases in ambient temperatures, too, and that's an important consideration in the summer.

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By Overclock3D

Posted on   August 17, 2009

The H50 impresses at Ninja Lane

Sometimes we get a product in the Ninjalane Lab that actually performs better than expected; the Corsair H-50 is one of those items. Don't let the small size or all-in-one design fool you. We were continually impressed by the results and it definitely outperformed our expectations.

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Posted on   December 22, 2010

The Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler makes the Hardware Canucks Wish List

For the relatively low cost and ridiculously easy setup you really do get a lot of value out of it.

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Posted on   April 5, 2011

Corsair H50 scores 8/10 and wins the "Recommended" award at LanOC Reviews

"There is no doubt about it Corsair and Asetek were at the top of their game when they introduced the H50. Since then the market has changed a little and you can now find similar setups from almost every manufacture, even Corsair has introduced a few new variations. Because of that the H50 is a little dated, but if you are looking for a dependable water cooling solution you can’t go wrong with the H50."

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By JonnyGuru

Posted on   July 29, 2009

Legit Reviews values the Hydro Series H50

In our test system the Corsair H50 liquid cooler, setup per Corsairs instructions, performed on par with the beloved Thermalright Ultra120 eXtreme-1366 RT, or TRUE 1366 as some like to call it. When we paired the H50 with two Noctua NF-P12 fans for a push/pull arrangement and exhausting air from the case the normal way, we found that the Corsair H50 did very well.

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By PureOC

Posted on   November 24, 2009

OCIA gives the Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler their Approved award

The system itself is nice and compact, combining the pump and block into one unit, and having the radiator and lines sealed and pre-filled requires no setup and in fact no maintenance done by the end user. It is definitely one of the easiest ways for someone to get into a liquid cooling environment without having to learn how to assemble a system from components in the process.

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By Guru3D

Posted on   July 29, 2009

Bit-tech reviews the Corsair H50

n the right conditions the Corsair H50 is a great performing product. It not only actually makes low cost liquid cooling functional and reliable, it's also a similar price to many high-end air coolers at 56. That's a killer combination.

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