Project CURV3D: The Beginning

By Johan Nyman, on September 23, 2015

My passion has always been modding and building custom PC’s. When I was younger I was mostly into gaming, that later got me into overclocking. From overclocking, I started going to different forums and found out that people where modding their cases, from that moment I was hooked.

In high school, I started my first project log and my first serious modding project called ”The Red One”. I built the case out of a Coca-Cola bottle box, filled it with some hardware and made a small power-button using a Coca-Cola bottle cap.

As soon as I finished this project, I started working on another one. It was at this time that I tried out mini-ITX motherboards, and since then I have been very passionate about small form factor PC’s.


My second project, named "Cold Winter" was a smaller case that I built myself out of acrylic sheets and steel. I actually kept this case for a long time and used it in my most recent build last year.


My third project is what I want to focus on today, ”CURV3D”. CURV3D started as a small side project when I still was working on Cold Winter, I had some spare acrylic left from ”Cold Winter” so I started to play around with it. I had a special shape thought out in my head that I wanted to try out how it would work and look. This is a really small case, around 5,5l in volume.


This went from being a side project during ”Cold Winter” to being my biggest priority as people on the forums really liked it. I put a lot of time and effort into making this as perfect as I wanted, and this is how it turned out.


Since the PC-market moves forward very quickly and components become smaller and stronger, the hardware in this project became old and slow. So what I am going to do next is to take this project apart and make every little detail as perfect as I can. After that I will fill it with the most powerful components that will fit, I will even fit one of our Hydro-series cooler in this small case.


As I work on this project, I will keep on posting updates and I hope you will be interested to follow my progress. Next time, I will show you what hardware I have chosen and what the case looks like.