Gabinete ATX Full Tower Obsidian Series™ 800D

Gabinete ATX Full Tower Obsidian Series™ 800D

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Il modello Obsidian Series™ 800D è un case per PC full-tower dotato di funzionalità complete per i progettisti avanzati. Il modello offre spazio sufficiente per tutti i componenti, spazio per montare fino a sette ventole e un radiatore da 3x120 mm, quattro alloggiamenti per unità SATA 2 sostituibili a caldo e tanto altro ancora.

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Progettato per anni di prestazioni

Il modello Obsidian Series 800D è progettato per durare anni e anni di aggiornamenti di scheda madre, alimentazione, memoria, raffreddamento e componenti.

La struttura in acciaio possiede un rivestimento interno ed esterno nero satinato, rifinito con una maschera in alluminio spazzolato per conferire al prodotto un aspetto allo stesso tempo sobrio ed elegante. Il pannello laterale con finestra mette in risalto il risultato del vostro lavoro.

Tre aree di raffreddamento isolate

Il comparto destinato all'alimentatore, il comparto principale e gli alloggiamenti SATA sono dotati di sottosistemi di raffreddamento dedicati per prevenire l'accumulo di calore.

Una ventola da 140 mm con filtro antipolvere aspira aria fredda dalla parte inferiore del case e la invia alle parti posteriore e superiore, forzando la circolazione di aria fresca sopra le schede grafiche e la CPU. Gli alloggiamenti per unità SATA sostituibili a caldo vengono raffreddati da una ventola da 140 mm separata, che scarica l'aria dal case tramite una camera isolata e impedisce al calore generato dalle unità di penetrare nel comparto principale. Anche l'alimentatore è dotato di un sistema di aspirazione e scarico dedicato, isolato dal comparto principale.

Per chi invece desidera prestazioni di raffreddamento superiori, il modello Obsidian Series 800D ospita una sezione preforata per il supporto di uno, due o tre radiatori o un massimo di tre ventole aggiuntive da 120 mm.

Funzionalità avanzate per un'estrema flessibilità

L'alloggiamento per quattro unità SATA sostituibili a caldo è situato sul lato anteriore del case, semplificando l'installazione o la sostituzione immediate dei dischi rigidi. Un originale sistema di gestione dei cavi elimina l'ingombro che potrebbe ostacolare il flusso d'aria. Il design senza viti permette anche di inserire, gestire e installare facilmente le unità da 5,25" senza l'uso di utensili.

Case Dimensions
609mm x 229mm x 609mm
Maximum GPU Length
Maximum PSU Length
Maximum CPU Cooler Height
Expansion Slots
Case Drive Bays
(x5) 5.25in (x2) 3.5in (x4) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
Form Factor
Case Windowed
Case Warranty
2 Year
Corsair Link Enabled
Case Material
Aluminum, Steel
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers
H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105
Case Power Supply
ATX (not included)
Drive Bays 3.5"
Drive Bays 2.5"

Obsidian 800D Spare Parts List

Side panel, steel, black painted, no window, 800D
Side panel, steel, black painted, with window, 800D
140mm fan, three-pin, Corsair logo, 800D
CPU Back plate cover, black, plastic 800D
Motherboard tray grommet set, black, 800D
Inlet air filter, plastic, black, 800D
5.25" Drive Bay covers 800D
Front panel hot swap HDD door, Aluminum, black anodized, 800D
Front panel, Aluminum, black anodized, 800D
Hot swap HDD carrier tray, 800D
Hot swap HDD Fan cover, plastic, black, Corsair logo, 800D
Hot swap HDD backplane cover, black, 800D
8-pin extension cable for motherboards 800D
Back panel PCB for Hot Swap Bay (SATA 6Gbps compatible)
USB 3.0 front panel I/O part
Complete accessory kit normally included in retail box
All screws normally included in accessory kit


Da Tech Power Up

Pubblicato su   11 giugno 2009

The Obsidian Series 800D pulls in a Editor's Choice award at Tech Power Up

The Obsidian 800D gives you compete freedom in regard of cooling, with the possibility to install a triple radiator or virtually any air cooler on the market. Even if you fill the chassis to the rim, you can easily keep things perfectly clean, as there are many ways to hide and route the cables.

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Da Hardware Canucks

Pubblicato su   9 aprile 2009

Hardware Canucks gives the Obsidian Series 800D their "Dam Good" award

Unique and well researched design that gives users what they have always wanted. Unbeatable cable management, with grommet placement and paths that would typically require time and case modification.

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Da Hexus

Pubblicato su   19 agosto 2009

Hexus finds the Obsidian 800D worthy of their Innovation Award

When Corsair set out to make its first chassis, it clearly aimed big - and the Obsidian Series 800D is mammoth. Its features are plentiful, and practically everything is provided in excess quantities.

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Da Hardware Canucks

Pubblicato su   15 novembre 2009

Corsair 800D is Recommended by TechReport

"If I could sum up the 800D in one word, it'd be substantial. The Obsidian is a no-nonsense, extra-large case with an impressively uninterrupted, blacked-out aesthetic both inside and out. Even though this is Corsair's first entry into the market, its engineers have designed a case that gets a lot of little things right while also bringing new innovations to the table. I've yet to see a case with a better array of cable-routing punch-outs, making it easy to wire even a crowded system cleanly. The 800D's partitioned cooling zones still leave plenty of room to work inside the case, and the access panel behind the motherboard tray's socket area should greatly simplify heatsink swaps. And then there are the hot-swap drive bays, which are a rare find in desktop enclosures and certainly something a lot of enthusiasts will find both useful and drool-worthy."

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Da Geeks 3D

Pubblicato su   18 settembre 2009

OC3D finds the Obsidian Series 800D full tower to be worthy of their innovation award.

You can not deny that this is a good looking well built case, it may be steel but that just adds to the tough sturdy quality feel. The attention to detial is also the best I've seen in any case on the market, even simple things like the front I/O bay kept me amused for ages playing with the pop down door.

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Da Vortez

Pubblicato su   14 gennaio 2010

Fudzilla considers the Obsidian Series 800D "one of the best"

Obsidian 800D simply swept us of our feet. The in-case room is more than enough for anyone, and so much space makes component access a breeze. Obsidian 800D is designed with all motherboard types in mind, from mATX to EATX, and various water cooling solutions have been thought of as well. Corsair did more than well in covering the critics and propositions from the community and made the Obsidian 800D to cater to highly-demanding customers who look for quality and potential.

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Da Tweak Town

Pubblicato su   25 gennaio 2010

The Obsidian Series 800D full tower takes on Lian-Li and Cooler Master in a round-up at Xbit Labs

Corsair gets our praise as its debut Obsidian 800D model will surely enjoy a warm welcome. It seems to be the most versatile product among the three and is one of the few that offers a 4-disk rack (with the hot swap feature) accessed from the front panel. It is also going to be good for users of liquid cooling systems.

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Da TechReport

Pubblicato su   21 febbraio 2010

The Obsidian Series 800D full tower chassis knocks one out of the park at Tech Reaction

Corsair has hit a home run here. If you're interested in a top quality chassis with enthusiast caliber features, this is it!

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Da Overclockers Club

Pubblicato su   29 gennaio 2010

PureOC calls the Obsidian Series 800D a worthwhile investment.

An investment like this, and this an investment, is well worth it when balanced against the cost of those valuable components it's designed to house. Showcasing an outstanding mix of style and function, the Corsair Obsidian 800D is an excellent full tower, packed with features to make this the cleanest system build we've ever done.

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Da Tech Reaction

Pubblicato su   8 gennaio 2009

The Obsidian 800D is a Top Product winner at PC Games Hardware

The corsair Obsidian 800d doesn't have any big weaknesses and offers a lot of detail solutions. A water cooling system and an army of hard drives aren't a problem either. The cooling performance is good and the possibility to put cables out of sight shouldn't make only modders happy. Therefore the Corsair Obsidian 800D receives our Top Product Award.

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Da HardwareHeaven

Pubblicato su   6 gennaio 2009

Hexus gets a video tour of the Obsidian Series 800D Chassis

Parm talks to Corsair's Rob Pearce about the rather sexy stuff they are doing that ISN'T memory...

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Da Legit Reviews

Pubblicato su   1 dicembre 2010 has a overwhelmingly positive experience with the Obsidian Series 800D full tower

...with its solid design features for air or water cooled systems, superior cable management options, quality construction materials, hot-swappable SATA bays, and the "wow" factor for size, it's worth the cost, especially if you were looking to mount a up to a 120x3 sized radiator internally.

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Da Phoronix

Pubblicato su   31 marzo 2010

Maximum PC hearts the Obsidian Series 800D

Although the Thermaltake Level 10 (reviewed Holiday 2009) turned the heads of nearly everyone who saw it, including non-enthusiasts, every enthusiast who came into our Lab was more excited by the Corsair 800D. It's enormous, well built, and crammed with power-user features.

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Pubblicato su   3 febbraio 2010

The Obsidian Series 800D gets the Golden Bear at Bjorn3D

The Corsair Obsidian 800D is a great computer case that offers a lot of space as well as great features and solutions for computer enthusiasts that want the best

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Da Guru3D

Pubblicato su   6 maggio 2009

HardOCP gets up close and personal with the Obsidian Series 800D Chassis

Not only is that case sexy as hell, it has some really cool features for water cooling enthusiast and case modders. Trust me when I say that the Obsidian 800D, with a 1000W power supply, is going to be my next case upgrade.

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Da Donanimhaber

Pubblicato su   11 giugno 2009

Guru3D gives their rare "Best Hardware" award to the Obsidian Series 800D

Yes, I am rarely this excited about a chassis, so there's only one thing left to do on our side. I handed it out maybe once or two times this year only... the award for best hardware. Well deserved, what a pleasure it was to review gear like this.

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Da PureOverclock

Pubblicato su   1 gennaio 2010

PureOC calls the Obsidian Series 800D a worthwhile investment

An investment like this, and this an investment, is well worth it when balanced against the cost of those valuable components it's designed to house. Showcasing an outstanding mix of style and function, the Corsair Obsidian 800D is an excellent full tower, packed with features to make this the cleanest system build we've ever done.

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Da Awardfabrik

Pubblicato su   29 agosto 2009

Tweak Town gives the 800D their highest honor

The Bottom Line: Endless options, sleek looks and the best thought out overall design I have had my hands on. This makes the Corsair Obsidian 800D the right choice for any build.

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Da Gamerzoom

Pubblicato su   23 dicembre 2009

Corsair Obsidian Series 800D wins "Best Case of 2009"

Corsair had been hard at work developing a new chassis long before their first chassis was released in August of 2009. This chassis wasn't a clone of an existing case, but rather a new design from the ground up that was aimed at computer enthusiasts. When we reviewed the chassis in August of 2009 we found that this full size tower was massive, but we fell in love with the space, appearance and functionality.

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Da Legit Reviews

Pubblicato su   6 febbraio 2009

Tweak Town gives a video preview of the Obsidian Series 800D Chassis

It was evident after meeting with Corsair for only a short while today at their Computex suite that the once memory only company is really spreading its wings and diversifying into new markets with a mix of new products which move far away from PC memory and power supplies.

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Da Hot Hardware / CPU Magazine

Pubblicato su   14 ottobre 2009

The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D comes away with Silver at Hardware Heaven

Corsair have come a long way in the past few years and each expansion into another product area tends to be successful for them. The Obsidian 800D continues that trend due to its exceptional build quality and ease of use.

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Pubblicato su   2 agosto 2010

Think Computers gives the 800D a perfect score and their editor's choice award

WOW what a case! Think about this, this is Corsair's first case. Not only that they are a memory company not a case company! They have really taken their time designing this case and it is one of the best cases that I've seen in a while!

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Da Cowcotland

Pubblicato su   8 novembre 2009

Legit Reviews likes what they see in the 800D

The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D chassis is an example of what happens when you think outside the box and design something from the ground up. Several of the design features are unique to this chassis and make it stand out from the crowd. It has clearly done well enough to earn our Innovation Award and we can't wait to see what Corsair is planning for their next case design.

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