Three Things We're Excited About In Far Cry 5

by Robert Wery

Earlier this year Ubisoft graced our offices to give us a hands-on demo of Far Cry 5 ahead of launch along with some of our many friends. The Far Cry franchise is known for its extensive solo campaign experience and a thoroughly detailed open world. However, this iteration comes with some delightfully fun new features. Here's the top three we're most excited to play in Far Cry 5.

New and Improved Co-op Mode

While co-op isn't entirely new to the series, this time around, Far Cry offers the entire campaign experience for two players. Venture out into Hope County, Montana with a friend in co-op mode. Fear not, there's no friendly fire, although for some like streamers Soaryn and dasMEHDI, that's a bummer.

"We couldn't do friendly fire even though we both tried at some point. I tried with an RPG and it didn't work, I was amazed," Soaryn said.

If you and your counterpart manage to work together, the sky's the limit.

"He actually went in guns blazing every time, I just sat there with a compound bow picking people off from the side," Soaryn said.

Arcade Mode

The new map editor in Far Cry 5, known as the Arcade, brings infinite gameplay and creative map editing. Let your creativity run wild through Hope County and create bitesize, shareable maps and scenarios. An imaginative tool like this cries for zombies, race tracks and maybe even some trippy challenge maps like one shown to us, called The Upside Down.

"You're walking straight, you take one step and everything flips on you and you're completely disoriented. For a minute I thought wait, am I on something?" A_Jaxx, a CORSAIR streamer said.

As an added bonus, Arcade mode will include over 9,000 different objects spanning a multitude of Ubisoft games like previous Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs. And much to Soaryn's delight, there are co-op and pvp options to boot.

"And we could turn friendly fire on!" he said.

CORSAIR Lighting Integration with iCUE

At CORSAIR, we want to add to the awesome. Throughout the immersive co-op exploration and creative building, we saw the perfect opportunity to bring our new SDK powered by iCUE into play.

Built a sweet, jump and explosive-filled race track? Your desktop will rock along with you every lap.

"It went from calm and serene to these massive jumps with electric guitar music playing, there's fireworks, and it's completely lit up red, white and blue," Sevadus, a CORSAIR streamer, said.

Put together an elaborate stealth hide and seek map? Your desktop will help you win.

"When you get caught, the keyboard has a red alert light. Every single time it caught me, I kept looking for that, that was really nice," A_Jaxx said.

We're excited for everyone to jump into the world of Far Cry 5 and experience everything our SDK has to offer. To celebrate our partnership with Ubisoft, for a limited time when you spend $150 or more on the CORSAIR webstore and include an RGB product in your purchase, you'll receive a free PC digital copy of Far Cry 5*

*NA and EMEA territories only. Only available on while supplies last.

What are you most excited about in Far Cry 5? Let us know on the CORSAIR Facebook and Twitter!

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