by Robert Wery

It's time for PAX West 2018! Four days exhaustively packed with reveals, demos, friends and merch. To help you navigate the bustling halls and get you straight to what you really want (pure, unadulterated RGB and of course free swag) we put together this comprehensive guide to the CORSAIR booth at PAX West 2018. Enjoy the show, and don't forget to hydrate!

BOOTH #2101


Gaming Stations

An exclusive for only those attending this year's event, stop by the CORSAIR booth for a first look at both METRO EXODUS, and our all-new CORSAIR VENGEANCE Gaming PC. See the peripherals, PC components and the world of METRO EXODUS come to life before you through a whole new level of iCUE synchronized RGB lighting.

PC Gaming Panel

Join us for an hour of celebrating the glory of PC Gaming and the way it has shaped the world. Experts from PC World, GamersNexus and the PCMR subreddit will be joining our hosts from CORSAIR to discuss how we fell in love with PC Gaming and how you can too. The panel starts Friday at 7:30 PM at the Sandworm Theatre, and all attendees will get a special prize!

Petting Zoo

Always wanted to test out some of our products, but never had the opportunity? Well now's your chance! Everything from our top of the line MK.2 RGB keyboards, VOID PRO and HS family headsets, to our Unplug and Play wireless products and water resistant K68 RGB. Find out which keyswitches feel best, which mouse is most comfortable in your hand, or exactly how bright that RGB would look on your desktop.

Booth Store

Once you've had a chance to peruse through the Petting Zoo, everything on display — including some extras like gear — will available for purchase on the spot. As an added bonus, everything is on a special PAX sale, with up to 25% off you'd find online or in stores. If you're on the fence about something just make sure to check in at the booth for availability, we've sold out on many products mid show!

HTC VIVE Demo Kiosk

Step into the all-new VIVE PRO and try your hand at the popular VR game Beat Saber! Get in the groove and prove your skill to earn a high score and go down in the history books as the best Beat Saber player at PAX West 2018. Additionally, participating in this part of our booth helps you on your way to more free swag around the CORSAIR booth!

Scavenger Hunt

Like years past, the scavenger hunt coincides with daily raffles held at the booth. Have a camera or phone ready as you travel to three different booths, complete the activity required and snap a pic of the CORSAIR products on display there to finish the hunt. Once turned in at the CORSAIR booth, you'll be entered into the daily raffles at 4 PM PST. Make sure to visit Booth #2101 for more details on how to complete the scavenger hunt.

Claw Machine

A fan favorite, the claw machine is back! There are six ways to earn coins throughout the booth, like playing the exclusive demo at our Gaming Stations, tagging us on a social media post, or purchasing something from our booth store. With at least three coins in hand you'll have a chance to win anything from a commemorative pin to products from our store! Make sure to visit Booth #2101 for more details on how to get coins.

What are you most excited about for PAX West 2018? let us know on the CORSAIR Facebook and Twitter!