Corsair Mac Memory — 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SODIMM Memory Kit

Corsair Mac Memory — 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SODIMM Memory Kit

Macbook users demand the highest performance from their systems, especially when working with digital media applications. Corsair’s Mac Memory is specifically designed for rock-solid stability in demanding digital media rich environments. Corsair Mac Memory allows users to maximize memory capacity and throughput to increase their systems performance.


Corsair Mac Memory Upgrade Kits: Guaranteed Performance, Compatibility, and Support.

Corsair's 4GB and 8GB Mac memory upgrade kits will help your system work better. With hassle-free compatibility and renowned Corsair reliability and support, they're a smart performance investment.

One of the best ways to improve your Mac's performance

Applications use memory, and some of the applications that run best on the Mac — photo and video editing — use lots of it. That's why outfitting your Mac with a Corcair Mac Memory upgrade kit is one of the best things you can do to maximize your system's performance and agility.

With a Mac that's been upgraded to the maximum amount of memory it supports, you'll spend less time waiting for your applications to buffer data to the hard drive, and more time working — or playing. Upgrading memory can also be a cost-effective way to get more life out of your older system: before you trade up to a new one, just upgrade the memory.

Tested at Apple Developer Compatibility Labs for Guaranteed Performance

Corsair's Mac memory kits are tested at Apple Developer Compatibility Labs and work with most MacBook® Pro, iMac®, and Mac mini systems shipped in 2011.

Not sure if your older Mac will work with 8GB DDR3 SODIMMs? Get in touch with us, and we'll help.

Limited lifetime warranty, support and service

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Fan Included
Memory Series
Memory Type
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Tested Voltage
Tested Speed
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SPD Speed
SPD Voltage
Speed Rating
PC3-8500 (1066MHz)
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Corsair 製品のロットコードは通常、以下の位置に見つかります。さらに特定の情報については、特定の製品シリーズに関するCorsair ナレッジベースロットコードの記事をご覧ください。





フラッシュ:コードは UPC バーコードの近くのユニットのパッケージングにあります。

SSD:コードは SSD の上部のラベルにあります。

マウス:コードは USB 端子の横に貼られたラベルにあります。

キーボード:コードは UPC バーコードの近くのパッケージングにあります。


PSU:コードはシリアル番号の PSU ラベルにあります。

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投稿者 CNET Australia

投稿日   2011/06/30

Techdadreview gives 5 stars to Corsair 8GB SODIMM Mac Memory

"You can buy memory for your Mac from anybody, but why would you? You’d might as well get it from a company known for high-performance, reliable memory, who actually tested their memory at Apple’s lab. The 8GB Corsair Mac memory kit is a terrific value and I recommend it to anyone looking to maximize their Mac’s performance without sacrificing reliability or top notch support."


2 x 8GB memory modules