CLG Stixxay's Custom Keybindings

by Robert Wery

For most League of Legends players, the default key bindings get the job done while some fine tune their keyboards to be more comfortable. Trevor "Stixxay" Hayes of Counter Logic Gaming's League team has drastically remapped his keys, but primarily because his history with World of Warcraft left him with muscle memory he wasn't willing to shed. While CLG visited CORSAIR HQ I got a chance to talk to him about what his custom keybindings are, and why he originally altered them.

Stixxay: "The main reason I changed my keybindings is that when I first started playing League and the keybindings were QWER. I never got used to moving my mouse to the top of my screen to move my camera, I couldn't do it. So after like one game I thought "I'm never going to get used to this." And I probably would have if it just did it enough, but I switched to WASD for my camera because that's what I did in World of Warcraft. And obviously to do that, I have to rebind my action keys, so I changed those to 1234 because that's also what I did in WoW, so that made sense.

For Summoner Spells and stuff like that, F was fine but I had to find a key that was convenient to replace my D so I went with R. Same with my stop button, I use T. I just had to find a random key that's not too far, but that I could use. My Target Champions Only is on Y so it's just a little over but not too far, it feels super natural for me."

Brought to you by CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE)!

After seeing his keybindings in action, I can report that he absolutely destroyed everyone in the community ARAM games, but the difference in skill is likely unrelated. I’d also like to note that while reviewing all of the photos taken at the event, just about every instance showed that he didn’t use his pinky at all; it stayed tucked between the macro and shift keys. Hope that helps some of the CLG fans out there!*

*But please don’t try this out for the first time in a ranked game.

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