AMD Ryzen Threadripper: CPU and Cooler Installation

By Chris Stolze, on 9 de agosto de 2017

AMD Ryzen Threadripper features the massive SocketTR4 which ensures that your Threadripper processor is installed in the correct orientation with the appropriate amount of force. Let's take a look at the install process for a Threadripper processor as well as one of our HYDRO SERIES coolers with the new SocketTR4 bracket.

Installing Your AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU: 

Taking a look at the socket on our X399 motherboard, you’ll notice 2 blue tabs, the CPU socket cap, the Pin One Triangle, and the CPU load plate screws.


To prep the socket, first unscrew the CPU load plate screws using a T20 bit in 3-2-1 order. The main retention frame will popup since it’s spring-loaded.

Gently pull up on the blue tabs so that the CPU rail frame springs up (this is also spring-loaded).

You’ll now see a clear CPU carrier frame occupying the rail frame, pull this out by the tab and set it aside.


Now, grab your AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU and align it with the CPU rail frame.


Gently slide it into place until it clicks into place.


Remove the CPU socket cap to expose the socket’s pins.


Lower the CPU rail frame over the socket until it locks into place with the blue tabs on the socket.


Lower the retention frame into place and hold it down gently. Screw the CPU load plate screws with the T20 bit in 1-2-3 order, be careful to hand tighten these screws evenly so that your CPU is installed with appropriate force.


Installing Your Hydro Series Cooler:

AMD Ryzen Threadripper comes with a CPU cooler bracket that’s compatible with our H80i V2, H100i V2, and H115i V2 coolers.


To install this bracket, rotate the cooler’s pre-installed bracket and remove it.

Grab the Threadripper cooling bracket and gently insert and rotate it onto your liquid cooler. Take note of the orientation of the bracket in relation to the pump as well as the mounting holes on the SocketTR4.


While our liquid coolers come with pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM) that does the job for Threadripper, we recommend cleaning off the stock TIM and applying TIM directly to the CPU’s IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) as shown below.


Once the TIM has been applied, gently place the CPU block of your cooler over the socket. Line up with the mounting holes around the socket and secure the pump in place with a standard Philips screw driver.


Don’t forget to plug in the 3-pin lead coming off of the cooler into your motherboard’s CPU_FAN or AIO_PUMP header, as well as connect SATA power if your cooler requires a separate power connection.

Then go ahead and install the cooler's USB 2.0 cable.

And that's it! Once the rest of your system is built, make sure to set the CPU_FAN header (if you chose to connect the 3-pin connector to it) to 100% or PWM mode if your cooler draws power directly from your motherboard (this is required if your cooler doesn't feature a SATA power connector).


CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES liquid coolers are ready for AMD Ryzen Threadripper, providing excellent cooling performance for AMD's new high end desktop platform. For any questions about AMD Ryzen Threadripper, our HYDRO SERIES coolers or any of our other DIY components, feel free to ask in our User Forums!