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AX1200i Professional Individually Sleeved Modular Cables — Black

Individually Sleeved Modular Cable upgrade kit for the Professional Series™ Gold AX1200

Cabos modulares revestidos individualmente da série Professional Gold AX1200.

Conteúdo da embalagem

16 cabos modulares:

  • Um (1) cabo modular revestido individualmente com conector de alimentação da placa mãe principal ATX de 24 pinos (20+4)., preto
  • Dois (2) cabos modulares revestidos individualmente de 8 pinos (4 + 4 divididos) com conector do processador de alimentação EPS/ATX de 12 V, pretos
  • Seis (6) cabos modulares revestidos individualmente com 8 pinos (6 + 2 divididos) com conector para PCIexpress, pretos
  • Quatro (4) cabos modulares revestidos individualmente com conector de alimentação, SATA, série ATA, pretos
  • Três (3) cabos modulares revestidos individualmente com conectores (4 pinos) periféricos de energia direta, pretos


Somente série Professional Gold AX1200.

Accessory Model
AXi Series
Product Family
Channel Attribute
Product Name
Type 3 Gen. 2 Individually Sleeved Cables
Product Type
DC Cable Kit


Registrado em  3 de Dezembro de 2012

Bit-tech reviews Corsair Sleeved PSU cables

"We're pretty impressed with Corsair's efforts. These are good quality cables and the braiding and heat-shrinking finish is excellent. The price isn't ridiculous either - a cable braiding kit including tools, braid and heatshrink will probably set you back half as much and you'll need plenty of experience to end up with a finish like Corsair's pre-braided cables. They're an excellent alternative if you don't fancy doing it yourself, and if the available colours suit your needs."

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