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Caixa ATX compacta Carbide Series™ 200R

84,58 € EUR

Desenhada para a montagem fácil Menos trabalho. Mais diversão. Monte usando a Carbide Series™ 200R e só terá de agarrar numa chave de fendas quando instalar a placa-mãe.

Tudo o que você precisa, nada desnecessário.

Desenhada para a montagem fácil

Menos trabalho. Mais diversão. Monte usando a Carbide Series 200R e só terá de agarrar numa chave de fendas quando instalar a placa-mãe. Nos painéis laterais e nas ranhuras de expansão, utilizam-se parafusos de aperto à mão. A SSD, o disco rígido e a unidade não requerem ferramentas para a sua instalação. Os espaços predeterminados para o encaminhamento de cabos e a refrigeração da CPU tornam os processos de montagem e atualização fáceis e simples.

Fácil de expandir, fácil de refrigerar

A Carbide Series 200R é compacta, mas foi desenhada para a montagem de sistemas de elevado desempenho com enorme capacidade de armazenamento, maior desempenho gráfico e a melhor refrigeração e ventilação. A caixa dispõe de sete ranhuras PCI-E. Poderá instalar um máximo de quatro discos rígidos e quatro SSD em simultâneo. Com oito pontos para montagem de ventoinhas, pode adaptar o sistema de refrigeração a componentes de elevado desempenho.

Facilidade de utilização

O tamanho médio combina espaço para a expansão dos componentes e dimensões externas discretas. Na parte da frente, poderá encontrar entradas USB 3.0, para auscultadores e para microfone, e o filtro de pó mantém o interior limpo.

Características ergonómicas inteligentes para montagens fáceis e de aspecto espantoso

  • Parafusos de aperto à mão nos painéis laterais
  • Ranhuras de expansão PCI-E com parafusos de aperto à mão
  • Instalação sem recurso a ferramentas de SDD, disco rígido e unidade ótica
  • Espaços predeterminados para o encaminhamento de cabos e a refrigeração da CPU

Enorme capacidade de expansão e refrigeraçã

  • Sete ranhuras PCI-E com parafusos de aperto à mão e espaço para placas com tamanho máximo de 430 mm (300 mm com compartimento para a unidade)
  • Refrigeradores da CPU com altura máxima de 160 mm
  • Instalação de um máximo de quatro discos rígidos e quatro SSD em simultâneo
  • Pontos de instalação para um máximo de oito ventoinhas (conforme a configuração do disco rígido)

Características de gama alta

  • Entradas USB 3.0, entradas para auscultadores e para microfone no painel frontal
  • Filtros de pó atrás da ventoinha frontal de inspiração ("intake") para manter o interior limpo


  • Package Contents

  • Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Installation kit
  • Compatibility

  • Mini-ITX
  • MicroATX
  • ATX

Especificações técnicas

  • Maximum GPU Length: 420mm
  • Maximum PSU Length: 200mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 165mm
  • Case Expansion Slots: 7
  • Case Drive Bays: (x3) 5.25in (x4) 3.5in (x4) 2.5in
  • Case Material: Steel
  • Radiator Compatibility: 120mm; 140mm; 240mm
  • Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers: H55, H60, H75, H80i
Maximum GPU Length
Maximum PSU Length
Maximum CPU Cooler Height
Case Expansion Slots
Case Drive Bays
(x3) 5.25in (x4) 3.5in (x4) 2.5in
Case Form Factor
Case Windowed
Case Warranty
Two years
Corsair Link Enabled
Case Material
Radiator Compatibility
120mm; 140mm; 240mm
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers
H55, H60, H75, H80i
Case Power Supply
ATX (not included)
Case Drive Bays 3.5"
Case Drive Bays 2.5"


Registrado em  20 de Dezembro de 2012

Carbide 200R wins Unfair Advantage award from

“When it comes to value for money, the Carbine 200R undoubtedly ranks amongst the best cases, in history.”

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Registrado em  14 de Novembro de 2012

Overclockers Club gives Carbide 200R 'OCC Gold' award!

“I can't think of another way Corsair has managed to pack this much case into just under $60. People; we have a winner!” "There are times when new cases come to me and I have no real strong feelings one way or the other about them. Those cases are usually average in performance and features at a given price point. I'm pleased to say that not only is this not one of those cases but also that this chassis really is outstanding in many ways. The asking price of $59.99 is extremely low when you look at the overall package that you get for that small amount of money. "

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Registrado em  16 de Novembro de 2012

Carbide 200R receives 'Gold award' from Hardware secrets.

The Corsair Carbide 200R provides an outstanding value for users who are looking for an inexpensive yet decent case. It offers several features usually only found on more expensive products.

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Por Tweak Media APS

Registrado em  25 de Dezembro de 2012

Carbide 200R wins Editor's Choice award from TechPowerUP

All the features within the case are extremely well done and do, at times, bear the genes of the larger, more expensive variants. The hard drive mounting mechanism for both 3.5" and 2.5" variants is awesome to use, and the optical drive bays utilize the same solid tension locks found in the Vengeance C70. It looks like Corsair has managed to build up an excellent range of cases, and their excellent line-up now includes the entry-level midrange segment with the Carbide 200R.

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Registrado em  11 de Dezembro de 2012

Hexus reviews the Carbide 200R and gives it the 'Good Value' award!

“It's taken Corsair some time to venture into the budget category, but the Carbide 200R has been worth the wait. Sure, there's room for improvement - the plastic 2.5in SSD mounts aren't perfect and a mesh front panel may have further aided cooling performance - but this is still one of the best sub-£50 solutions on the market and, being both cheap and cheerful, it's certain to fly off the shelves.”

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Por HardwareHeaven

Registrado em  19 de Novembro de 2012

Guru3D gives carbide 200R the 'Great Value' award!

“Overall we think the Carbide 200R is a spot on chassis. A quick check here in the Netherlands shows that the 200R can be found for 55 EUR already, and that I feel is a price I'd be comfortable with. As stated in the review we spotted it in the USA for 59 USD already. And you know what, honestly you cannot go wrong with it.” “So if you are in the market for a compact chassis that is loaded with features and a style you like .. look no further.”

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Por Overclock3D

Registrado em  7 de Fevereiro de 2013

Carbide 200R wins KitGuru Worth Buying Award

The Corsair Carbide 200R Compact ATX Chassis can be purchased for just £49.98 from This is a remarkable price for a case with so many commendable features. Highly recommended.

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Por Hexus

Registrado em  11 de Novembro de 2012

Pro-Clockers gives Carbide 200R 'Best Value' and 'Highly Recommended' awards!

"Corsair did an outstanding job with the Carbide 200R. It isn’t that often that you are grace with so many extras in a $60 PC tower. There are many cases in this price range to choose from and most of the time it comes down to features, looks, ease to build or simply company rep. and with the 200R you get all that plus some."

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Por HardwareSecrets

Registrado em  28 de Novembro de 2012

Carbide 200R wins editors choice from Tech

“If I were building a budget gaming rig for myself, I'd definitely go with the 200R. Thus, I'm giving the 200R our TR Editor's Choice award. I wish the contest were closer—I wish both of these cases were deserving of a recommendation, and budget shoppers had a choice between two equally excellent solutions with different mixes of pros and cons. In reality, however, the contest isn't close. Corsair has clearly raised the bar for what one should expect from a budget enclosure, and other manufacturers will have to follow in its footsteps.”

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