Hydro Series™ H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

92,98 € EUR

A série Hydro H60 da CORSAIR é uma escolha fantástica de resfriamento. Com uma nova placa fria de microcanais e tubo de distribuição projetado com fluxo dividido, a H60 traz novas tecnologias incríveis a um preço acessível. Se não fosse o suficiente, a H60 também conta com um ventilador totalmente novo, de design personalizado, projetado para oferecer pressão estática aprimorada, o que se traduz em melhor resfriamento.



The Corsair Hydro Series H60 is a fantastic choice for cooling. With a new micro-channel cold plate and a split-flow designed manifold, the H60 brings remarkable new technologies to an affordable price point. If that weren’t enough, the H60 also features an all-new fan, custom designed to offer enhanced static pressure, which means better cooling.


You don’t have to sacrifice performance to build a quiet system. Most high-performance coolers use crude, outdated designs that rely on two techniques: put a huge hunk of metal in your case or crank the fan to obnoxiously loud noise levels. The Hydro Series coolers feature innovative, cutting-edge designs that utilize the superior thermal conductivity of liquid over air to provide fantastic cooling at much lower noise levels. In fact, the H60 is similar in noise levels to a 120mm case fan you probably already have.

Easy to Install

Almost any case with a rear 120mm fan mount location can house the Hydro Series H60 CPU cooler. And don’t worry about compatibility with your CPU, we’ve got you covered. AMD® sockets AM2 and AM3 are covered, and without having to install a custom backplate, making the H60 a great choice for any modern AMD CPU up to the new Phenom six-core processors. And when it comes to Intel®, don’t worry about it. Whether you’ve got Socket LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156, or LGA1366, we’ve got compatibility inside the box. That’s right, even the brand new Core i5 and Core i7 2x00 series processors are supported, right out of the box.

The Corsair Advantage

With more than 15 years of building enthusiast-grade memory and components, we’ve earned a reputation for quality, compatibility, and performance. Need help? We’re available by phone call, email, or web forum.

Cooling Warranty
Five years
Cold Plate Material
Radiator Material
Cooling Socket Support
AMD AM2 , AMD AM3 , Intel LGA 1155 , Intel LGA 1156 , Intel LGA 1366 , Intel LGA 2011 , Intel LGA 775

Por Hexus

Registrado em  28 de Março de 2011

Hexus recommends Corsair Hydro Series H60

"As an overall package, the Hydro H60 scores well in many of the key areas - installation is simple, minimal stress is applied to the motherboard, the low-profile pump looks tidy and leaves plenty of room around the CPU, and it's a more than capable cooler when set to run at near-silent noise levels. Heck, it looks the business, too."

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Por Kit Guru

Registrado em  31 de Agosto de 2011

Corsair H60 receives the "Silver" award at Technic3D

Publication language is German: Corsair H60 receives the "Silver" award at Technic3D

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Por ThinkComputer

Registrado em  6 de Julho de 2011

Corsair H60 wins the "Execellent Hardware" award at HardwareLuxx

Publication language is German: Great review of the Hydro H60 from HardwareLuxx in Germany. They like the cooling performance, and mention you can boost it with an additional fan and four M3 screws if you like, and also like the fact that pump and fan noise can be kept under control, if the fan is regulated. Though they mention it is still noisy at full fan speed. They also like that it’s easy to install. Add in the great value for money, and we win the Excellent Hardware award.

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Por Mundobip

Registrado em  25 de Maio de 2011

Corsair H60 wins the "Editor's Choice" award

"The H60 has now fallen to a street price of about $72 so its value has increased a bit as well as it being easily found in e-tail. I have been using this cooler personally on my i7-980X for months now and really like it. The biggest reason I moved to it was the sound profile of the H50 and H70 were simply more grating on the ears during desktop usage."

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Por Metku

Registrado em  30 de Novembro de 2012

Hydro Series H60 wins Silver award from Hardware

“The Corsair H60 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enter the liquid cooling world, as it is easy to install and fits virtually any case.”

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Por Tweak Town

Registrado em  3 de Fevereiro de 2011

HardwareHeaven gives the H60 the Performance Award

"the H60 excels for its price point. We get quick installation (yes that is a performance aspect!) and then ultra-low noise levels, significantly lower than the H50. The H60 also performs better than that model as well as the high end air cooler from Tuniq. For those on a stock Intel cooler, the performance increase from moving to the H60 is huge; temperatures will drop by 20°C with a modest overclock which is exceptional."

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Por Neoseeker

Registrado em  14 de Julho de 2011

Corsair H60 wins the "Medalla Plata" award at

Publication language is Spanish: Corsair H60 wins the "Medalla Plata" award at

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Por Lesnumeriques

Registrado em  6 de Junho de 2011

Hydro H60 wins award at Hardware Canucks

"Since Corsair has taken the necessary steps to not only rectify their installation procedure, but have also taken the time to make the H60 a much more efficient design we have absolutely no qualms in awarding it our Dam Good award. We also are going to take the unusual step and say that if you are in the market for a single bay, self contained liquid cooler, this is the one you want. Great performance, easy installation, zero compatibility issues all backed by a great warranty from a company known for their customer service, make the Corsair H60 the hands down best model for first time users and even budget minded enthusiasts."

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Por Techdadreview

Registrado em  15 de Julho de 2011

Corsair H60 wins the "Editor's Choice" award at Techgage

"The H60 can be had for ~$74 and is a steal in my opinion, especially considering there are some air coolers out there for about the same price but can't cool quite as well. It's durable, well designed, performs very well and best of all there is no maintenance aside from cleaning the radiator and fan ocassionally with a blast of air."

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Por PC-Overware

Registrado em  27 de Maio de 2011

Corsair H60 wins award at

Publication language is Dutch: The H60 and Antec 620 are compared head-to-head on in The Netherlands. They are generally viewed as equals, though the Antec cools marginally better, and is also cheaper, so it probably comes off slightly better overall in the text. They mention the different tubes, and view the rubber tubes on the Antec as more flexible. They do mention the doubt about coolant evaporation, and state that Corsair has confidence enough in the tubes to give the H60 a 5-year warranty, over the Antec’s 3.

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Por Overclockers Club

Registrado em  27 de Abril de 2011

Corsair H60 wins Gold Award at Overclockers Club

"Overall, I like this unit. It is very compact, quiet, self-explanatory, and little or no maintenance is needed (i.e. cleaning dust out of heatsink fins, draining/refilling the unit, etc). I am also one of those folks who love to work on the presentation of the interior of the computer case, and staring at the top of a huge heatsink takes away from the look slightly. I love the cleanliness and sleekness of the Corsair H60 and the way it makes the inside of the HAF932 look. With all that said, for the price, it is well worth it and I hope Corsair keeps up the good work!"

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