Unite Your Setup with the New CORSAIR iCUE

By Chris Stolze, on 16 de Março de 2021

Starting with the original CORSAIR UTILITY ENGINE nearly six years ago, CUE has evolved into an all-encompassing software engine that powers the intelligent lighting and control behind not just our high-performance gaming peripherals, but our internal hardware components as with iCUE. CORSAIR iCUE has been powering this unified software experience and is getting a major face lift with iCUE version 4.9.338.

Welcome to the New iCUE!

The newly redesigned home screen for iCUE 4.

The new version of iCUE features the same incredibly robust control over the full suite of CORSAIR components and peripherals, now with a more streamlined user interface that makes it easier to take advantage of iCUE’s capabilities with simple step-by-step tutorials and real-time visual representations of your programming.

New Features

Scenes can be activated to quickly sync your lighting across compatible RGB devices.

Scenes have replaced instant lighting, allowing you to not just set a static color, but also quickly apply a custom dynamic animation that’s synced across all compatible devices.

Sensors can be displayed on the home screen to provide at-a-glance info for your hardware.

Sensors can be added directly to the iCUE home screen to provide at-a-glance information for things like your cooler or other components!

iCUE 4 features guided experiences to help you set up your hardware for the first time.

Integrated tutorials help you set up your hardware for the first time.

iCUE 4 also features a dedicated video playlist to help you learn more about your gear!

And if you need additional help, we’ve included a dedicated help section in iCUE that’ll take you to a growing list of tutorial videos (speaking of tutorial videos, here’s a playlist if you want to check them out for yourself).

You can customize your iCUE 4 home screen with static or video backgrounds and custom icons!

If you like to personalize your profiles, video backgrounds can now be used to add some variety to your iCUE home screen.


CORSAIR iCUE 4.9.338 is compatible with the following CORSAIR gaming peripherals and hardware:


  • K100 RGB
  • K95 RGB Platinum, K95 RGB Platinum SE, K95 RGB Platinum XT
  • K70 RGB MK.2, K70 RGB MK.2 LP, K70 RGB MK.2 SE, K70 RGB MK.2 IG,
  • Strafe RGB MK.2
  • K65 RGB Mini
  • K95 RGB
  • K83 Wireless
  • K70 RGB, K70 Lux RGB, K70 RGB Rapidfire, K70 RGB SE Rapidfire, K70 Lux, K70 Rapidfire
  • Strafe RGB, Strafe, Strafe MX
  • K68, K68 RGB, K68 SE
  • K65 RGB, K65 Lux RGB, K65 RGB Rapidfire
  • K63, K63 Wireless
  • K57 RGB Wireless
  • K55 RGB


  • Scimitar PRO RGB, Scimitar RGB Elite
  • Glaive RGB, Glaive RGB PRO
  • Dark Core RGB, Dark Core SE, Dark Core PRO, Dark Core PRO SE
  • M65 RGB Elite, M65 RGB Elite IG
  • Ironclaw RGB, Ironclaw RGB Wireless
  • Nightsword RGB
  • M65 RGB, M65 RGB PRO
  • Harpoon RGB, Harpoon RGB Wireless, Harpoon RGB PRO
  • M55 RGB PRO
  • Katar PRO, Katar PRO Wireless, Katar PRO XT


  • Virtuoso SE, Virtuoso
  • Void PRO USB, Void PRO Wireless, Void PRO Surround, Void Elite USB, Void Elite Wireless, Void Elite Surround,
  • HS70 Wireless, HS60 Surround, HS70 PRO Wireless, HS60 PRO Surround, HS45 Surround, HS75 XB Wireless, HS60 Haptic, HS70 Bluetooth

Gaming Accessories:

  • MM800 RGB Polaris, MM700 RGB
  • ST100 RGB

Ambient Lighting:

  • LS100 Starter Kit
  • LT100 Starter Kit

Power Supplies:

  • AXi Series PSUs: AX760i, AX860i, AX1200i, AX1500i, AX1600i
  • HXi Series PSUs: HX750i, HX850i, HX1000i, HX1200i
  • RMi Series PSUs: RM650i, RM750i, RM850i, RM1000i


  • Obsidian 1000D
  • Spec-Omega RGB

Fan/Lighting Controllers:

  • Commander PRO
  • Commander CORE
  • Lighting Node PRO
  • Lighting Node CORE

CPU Liquid Coolers:

  • PLATINUM Series Coolers: H100i PLATINUM, H115i PLATINUM, H100i PLATINUM SE
  • PRO XT Series Coolers: H100i RGB PRO XT, H115i RGB PRO XT, H150i RGB PRO XT, H60i RGB PRO XT
  • PRO Series Coolers: H115i PRO, H150i PRO, H100i PRO


  • Dominator Platinum RGB
  • Vengeance LED, Vengeance RGB, Vengeance RGB PRO, Vengeance RGB PRO SL


CORSAIR ONE (i100-series or newer), CORSAIR ONE PRO (i100-series or newer)

Note that iCUE 4.9.338 will no longer support the following devices:

  • Keyboards: K66
  • Mice: Sabre, Sabre RGB, Sabre RGB Optical, Sabre RGB Laser, Katar, Scimitar
  • Headsets: Void USB, Void Wireless, Void Surround
  • AIO Coolers: H80iGT, H100iGTX, H110iGTX, H80i v2, H100i v2 and H115i, H110iGT, H110i


CORSAIR iCUE is better than ever, making it easy to not just control nearly every aspect of your system’s lighting and performance, but also learn how to do it! Click here to learn more about the CORSAIR iCUE Software. To join the conversation about iCUE, check out our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forums, Discord, and Reddit!