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  • Watchpoint

    Build by: Johan Nyman


    Build by: Daniel Bolognesi


    Build by: Brian Carter


    Build by: Ron Lee Christianson


    Build by: Ronnie Hara

  • Cadeucean Angel

    Build by: Jack Abrao Hara

The World Needs More Heroes

In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world. At CORSAIR HQ, we’ve spent countless hundreds of hours timing our ults, dodging rocket barrages, and ducking for cover every time we hear ‘NERF THIS’ over the headset.

In celebration of one of our favorite games, we’ve commissioned six amazing modders to build PCs based on their favorite heroes. Each build features glorious components from our friends at ASUS and Intel, allowing you to rise to the cause no matter the framerate or resolution.

Choose your favorite build, and at the end of the contest we’ll pick a winner at random from the most popular mod to win a CORSAIR gift card worth $500 so you can assemble your own hero build.

*Special thanks to our buddies at ASUS and Intel for the GPUs and motherboards*


Built by: Johan Nyman


Built by: Daniel Bolognesi


Built by: Brian Carter


Built by: Ron Lee Christianson


Built by: Ronnie Hara

Cadeucean Angel

Built by: Jack Abrao Hara