by Robert Wery

First off, best race, best class, and more importantly, best dance?
Exo Warlock has always been my favorite. Who doesn’t want to be a space wizard android? The new dance “Dancehall” is pretty fantastic.

Do certain classes and subclasses appeal to different playstyles or do you think anyone can pick up and enjoy them all?
I think they appeal to certain people. There is a lot variety when it comes to how you want to play your class. I think that anyone can pick up and enjoy them all but there are definitely certain subclasses that are better at different things.

You’ve had a chance to play Destiny 2 on the console while waiting for the PC version, from what you’ve played so far what sets Destiny 2 apart from its predecessor?
Destiny 2 feels like what Destiny 1 wanted to be. It really feels like Bungie learned from D1 and really heard the voices of the community to make a phenomenal game.

Destiny 2 has received a lot of criticism for covering up bland “go here and shoot baddies” gameplay with beautiful scenery. What would you bring up as a counterpoint to that if you were trying to convince a friend to join you?
Every game is repetitive. It's all about making the repetition fun. And I really believe it does that, I constantly feel like I have something to work towards and something to gain.

What aspect of the game are you enjoying most personally? Campaign, multiplayer or raids?
Honestly it’s a tie between the new and upgraded endgame PVE stuff and PvP. Everything is just so fun to do and it always feels like my character is progressing. Raid is incredible. The fact that the rotation of which challenges to do changes per week really makes it feel not as monotonous as the raids felt in D1. Also the facelift they have given to the weekend PvP event is fantastic! Trials of the Nine is my favorite content in the game right now.

Is there anything you wish you’d known when you first started playing D2 that you can tell a player anticipating the PC version?
The biggest question I always get when I stream D2 is “What is the best way to level up power level?”. Easy answer. Playthrough the story and get all your milestones done for every week. Grinding public heroic events and Nightfall is also a great idea.

Do you think Destiny 2 is more about the journey to reach level 20 or is getting to level 20 all that matters?
Getting to level 20 is just the prologue. As soon as you hit level 20 the real game starts. When I say "real game" I mean the grind. After you hit 20 and finish the story much more content is open. Raid, Nightfall Strike, Trials of the Nine. All of the awesome end game content you could want.

You’ve posted a lot of shiny guns to your Twitter, what’s been your favorite so far?
Favorite new exotic weapons in the game are Triprunner & Merciless. So fun to use! Also have a new favorite. The Sweet Business is so fun to mess around with in PvP.

Do you like to have a matching set of the coolest gear or are stats more important to you?
Fashion is the most important part of the game! I am in the process of collecting the sets of armor that look good. Obviously for the very important events (Trails of the Nine, Raids, etc) I have to choose the gear that benefits me the most.

How can new players get the coolest loot like you have before all of their friends?
Just progressing through the game gets you some super cool stuff. As soon as you start the game your main goal is to get to level 20. Best and fastest way to do that is to complete the story and do as many Heroic Public Events you come across. After that Nightfalls, Weekly Milestones, Heroic Public Events, Trials of the Nine, and Raids are gonna give you the best loot. And don't forget to pick a Faction!

How does the Leviathan Raid stack up to Destiny 1 Raids?
It is my favorite raid. Everything about it was amazing. And I’m just so excited to see what's to come with future raids.

Do you prefer venturing into new content like Leviathan trying to solve each scenario for the first time, or knowing how everything works and going for an efficient time?
My group and I love to go in blind. That's the best part of any raid. Figuring stuff out with your friends is the best!

Though some of the first features are out, like the first Nightfall Strike and Leviathan Raid, what are you most looking forward to play when it comes to future content?
Trials of the Nine is high on my list. Love competitive PvP. Everything they have done with Trials of the Nine is just fantastic. The brand new map they released just for Trials is great. They way they do little intros for each player before the match begins showing loadout and stats is so cool! And it gives me that competitive PvP feel I always crave.

If you had to live out the rest of your days as one of the enemies in the Destiny universe, who would you rather be and why?
The Fallen. They look the coolest. I told you fashion is important!

Thanks for the interview Bunni, got any shoutouts at the end of the interview?
Shoutout to the Destiny community for being amazing. Especially the Destiny Twitch community. Always a fun time streaming the game. And shoutout to CORSAIR for making amazing equipment that will make playing D2 on PC even better!

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