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CORSAIR Gaming K65 RGB 紧凑型机械游戏键盘 (TW)

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CORSAIR Gaming K65 RGB 是一款紧凑型高性能机械游戏键盘,非常适合经常外出旅行的游戏玩家或希望有更多空间自由移动鼠标的任何人。



Corsair Gaming K65 RGB 是一款紧凑型高性能机械游戏键盘,非常适合经常外出旅行的游戏玩家或希望有更多空间自由移动鼠标的任何人。 其全尺寸按键间距使您不会在玩游戏时出错,Cherry MX RGB 按键开关以及 100% 无冲突和 USB 全按键翻转实现了快速、准确的反应。



100% Cherry MX Red 按键开关

Cherry MX Red 按键开关有很大的作用区,可提供流畅、线性反应。 其灵敏反应让您可以进行完美的双击和三连击操作,不会产生按键音或触觉“碰撞”。


您会喜欢这种没有数字键盘的设计,除非您需要经常在电子表格中输入数字。 这款键盘外形更加小巧,因此更便于放入到背包和斜挎包里;而当放在桌面上使用时,可让您有更多空间放置鼠标垫和移动鼠标。



100% 无冲突和 USB 全按键翻转

每次击键都能转化为精确的游戏设置,即使同时按下多个按键也是如此。 信号不会衰减,与您保持同步,不管操作速度多快。




这是 K65 RGB 成为世界上最先进的游戏键盘之一的又一个原因,这个特点意味着,您可以设置任何按键来触发宏。 全新的 Corsair 实用引擎 (iCUE) 让您可以轻松向任何按键分配宏。 无论您是玩 FPS、MOBA 甚至 Minecraft,K65 RGB 都能胜任。

快速流畅的 RGB 动画

K65 RGB 使用松下显示控制器,实现了令人惊叹的脉冲式、波浪式和梯级多色多层光显示。


您想随时随地都能够玩游戏吗? 内置的存储器让您只需设置一次,即可随身携带到任何地方。


不仅可以玩游戏 – 而且可以播放音乐和视频。 可直接通过 K65 RGB 执行播放、停止、暂停、跳过音轨和调整音量等操作。


CORSAIR iCUE软件可实现鲜艳的动态照明控制、复杂宏编程以及在所有兼容的美商海盗船外设、散热器和风扇待设备上实现照明效果同步。


Keyboard Warranty
2 Year
0.86 kg
Keyboard Layout
USB Polling Rate
87 Keys
Adjustable Height
Media Controls YN
Keyboard Type Size
Keyboard Product Family
Keyboard Rollover
Full Key (NKRO) with 100% Anti-Ghosting
Form Factor
Wired Connectivity
USB 2.0 Type-A
On-Board Memory
WIN Lock
Dedicated Hotkey
Media Control
Dedicated Hotkeys, FN Shortcuts
Palm Rest
Detachable with soft touch finish
Keyboard CUE Software
Supported in iCUE
Cable Type
Keyboard Cable Material

Is it possible to share Profiles/Actions/Lighting with other users?

Yes, simply export your profile and send the .PRF file to the other user. You can also import/export ACTIONS with a .ACT file and import/export LIGHTING with a .LGHT file in the situation that you don’t want to share your complete profile. Here is our community forum to download and share profiles:

Is it possible to use the keyboard without any software installation?

Yes. This means you will not be able to customize any lighting effects or assign any type of action to the keys. The firmware will also need to be updated on the keyboard as well.

Is it possible to use the new Corsair Utility Engine software with older Corsair Keyboards like the K90/K95 and regular M60/M65/M95?

Unfortunately, due to the firmware and hardware differences with the new RGB peripherals, the new Corsair Utility Engine is not compatible with the older products that use the Vengeance Gaming software.

I notice some of my colors on the keyboard are lighter/darker than they appear in comparison to other keys. Why is that happening?

The keyboard with its multiple layers of lighting is capable of applying one lighting layer over another. If you see some keys that are darker or lighter than others, ensure that you did not configure two colors over the same keys through different groups.

How do I update the firmware?

First, you must install the CUE software. Then bring it up and go to SETTINGS and click on the DEVICE tab.

Click Update Firmware and then click the link in the pop-up window:

Save the .zip somewhere on your PC for easy access and then click open.

Proceed to click Update and let the software proceed with the firmware update. You will notice the keyboard power down and power up as it reboots internally. If the keyboard is not detected after the firmware update, we recommend restarting the PC and bringing the software back up.

How many keys are programmable with your Corsair Utility Engine software?

Every key on the keyboard except the volume scroll wheel is assignable with an action of your choosing. Each and every individual key can also be customized to be any color you like (up to 16.8 million options) in addition to an action being assigned.

I created a new profile but my changes are not applied to the keyboard. How do I apply it?

After you select your new profile, click on the box next to the pulldown menu and select “Set as Default Profile.” 

What is the difference between Foreground Lighting and Background Lighting?

Background Lighting refers to the keyboard’s LED colors at a static state (when nothing is happening to the keyboard or if the keyboard is idle). This lighting is what you are accustomed to when purchasing a normal LED backlit keyboard as the LED simply stays on with no animation or pattern being played.

Foreground Lighting refers to the animation you have configured that plays on top of the Background Lighting. This is the lighting pattern you configured as SOLID, GRADIENT, RIPPLE, or WAVE that will either play automatically upon key press, an action, or from mode being selected.

The Vengeance K70 RGB is designed to offer multiple layers of lighting so users like yourself can configure complex lighting sequences that work together with Background, Foreground, and Type Lighting configurations. You can have all four (4) animations of SOLID, GRADIENT, RIPPLE, and WAVE exist on top of one another to create complex and unique patterns. The only limit is your imagination.

What is Type Lighting (aka Reactive Typing) and how do I set that up?

Type Lighting is also known as Reactive Typing on the Vengeance K70 non-RGB. This is a type of lighting that will actuate based on an individual key press. Unlike the original Vengeance K70, our software now has two different types of Type Lighting:
  • Single Lighting – Configure a single key to display a gradient of color(s) upon key press.
  • Multiple Lighting – Configure a single key to create a ripple of color(s) across multiple keys upon key press.

Type Lighting will work with both Foreground and Background Lighting simultaneously upon key press.

Where can I download the complete manual as a PDF for the Corsair Utility Engine Software?

You can download the full manual as a PDF here.

What is the difference between a Profile and a Mode?

A profile represents the overall preferences you have created for your keyboard for both macros and lighting. A profile is also what is saved to the keyboard that contains a list of your modes, actions, and lighting you assigned to your key(s). One of the most important features of your profile is the ability to assign it to a specific program (by the .exe file). This means that if you create different profiles that contain separate actions and lighting setups for different programs, your profile will change automatically based on the application detected on the foreground.

A mode is different lighting and action setups within the same profile. This allows you  to keep a single profile for a certain application, but allow you to create different setups depending on the mode you configured without having to change the profile. For example, if your profile was designed for the game Battlefield 4, you can have different modes configured for different classes in the game (Soldier, Medic, Sniper, etc.) under the same BF4 profile. Our software will allow you to change to different modes with a button assignment without having the need to change the profile (which ideally should be linked to an application).

To assign a button on the K70 to switch profiles or modes, simply go to PROFILES -> ASSIGNMENTS and right click any of the keys to configure Profile or Mode Select.

There are two USB plugs for my keyboard. Which one should I connect?

For USB 3.0:
Use one connector (the one with the keyboard icon) when connecting via USB 3.0

Connecting via USB 2.0
Use both connectors when using USB 2.0. Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.

What do numbers means on the BIOS Switch?

The BIOS switch both adjusts the polling rate and allows you to turn off advanced keyboard features for compatibility with certain legacy motherboards. Settings of 1, 2, 4, and 8 are millisecond polling rates (1ms = 1000hz). Switching to BIOS reduces the polling rate and turns off other features for maximum compatibility. By default we ship at 1ms (1000Hz) and most gamers will prefer to just use the setting.

What is 104-Key Rollover?

Rollover refers to the number of simultaneous key presses that will register to the system. If a keyboard has 6-Key Rollover, that means the maximum of keys that can be pressed together and display properly is six (6).

Our Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB can detect up to 104-keys which means that if you simultaneously pressed every standard key on our keyboard. All 104 keys will be registered correctly. This is important in games where improper detection of keystrokes can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Where can I download the Corsair Utility Engine Software and Firmware for the keyboard?

You will find download links for the software in multiple locations on our webpage but the most reliable location is: and selecting “Gaming Keyboards” from the droplist.)

There is no separate file for the firmware update as you will update any applicable firmware for your keyboard through the Software under Settings -> Update.

Why does my scroll lock button flash when I enable BIOS mode?

The scroll lock, caps lock, and num lock will all flash to signal you have set the keyboard to BIOS mode. The notification is to remind you that you're in BIOS mode (104 Key Mode, Media Keys, Windows Key, and Software Functions are disabled).

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