Builder Series&trade, CX430 V2 — 获得 80 PLUS®, 认证的电源

如果 PC 攒装者和升级者想要为一台低/中等配置的家用或办公 PC 装配一颗拥有巨大价值的静音型能效 PSU,Builder 系列 CX430 V2 将是其最理想的选择。


Corsair Builder Series PSU 专为适用于您的家用台式 PC 系统构建或升级的无忧兼容性而设计。具有常供优质电源使用的功能,它是注重持续稳定供电和低噪音的系统的理想选择。

Corsair Builder 系列 CX430 的性能:

  • 超静音的 120mm 风扇可以随着温度改变风扇转速,从而以特别低的噪声水平提供优秀的气流量。
  • 已获得 80 Plus 认证 ,可以在正常负载条件下(20% 至 100% 负载)提供至少 80% 的效率
  • 0.99 的有效功率因数校正可以提供清洁、可靠的电源
  • 符合 ErP Lot 6 欧盟标准对低待机功耗的要求
  • 通用交流电输入 90~264V — 再也不用麻烦地翻转红色的小开关选择电压输入了!
  • 超长全护套式电缆支持全塔式机箱
  • 单根专用的 +12V 分配总线提供了与最新元器件的最大兼容性
  • 电源过压和过功率保护、低电压保护和短路保护为关键系统组件提供最佳安全防护
  • 三年保修,并可终身享受 Corsair 卓越的技术支持和客户服务。
  • 支持最新的 ATX12V v2.3 标准,同时向后兼容 ATX12V 2.2 和 ATX12V 2.01 系统
  • 安全许可:UL、CUL、CE、CB、FCC Class B、TÜV、CCC、C-tick
  • 尺寸:5.9"(宽)x 3.4"(高)x 5.5"(长);150mm(宽)x 86mm(高)x 140mm(长)
  • 平均无故障时间:100,000 小时
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
430 Watts
Three years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector

发布人Hardware Secrets

发布于  2011年5月19日

CX430 V2 wins award at Hardware Secrets

"The Corsair CX430 V2 proved to be an outstanding product, possibly the power supply with the best cost/benefit ratio we’ve ever seen."


发布人IT Reviews

发布于  2011年6月30日

Corsair CX430 V2 receives the "Must Have" award from

“The overall technical analysis highlights that Corsair have paired up with CWT to produce one of the finest budget power supplies ever released. We have tested power supplies at over twice the price with worse regulation and noise suppression than the CX430.”



发布于  2011年3月1日

CX430 V2 wins an award at Jonny Guru

"Corsair has managed to pull off rather successfully something not too many companies can brag about. They've come up with a reliable, cheap, and well performing power supply for everyday systems that don't expect a lot from their power supplies. I do find the thirty degree full power temperature rating to be a bit on the low side, but as you saw here today mine didn't have a problem heating up a little more than that. At this price, it's very hard to do better and very easy to do worse."


发布人Ingame Gmbh

发布于  2011年8月7日

Corsair CX430V2 wins an award at TweakTown

"Sometimes it is refreshing to sit back and take a look at non-enthusiast grade hardware. It is simplistic, does exactly what it is meant to do, and is cheap. The CX430V2 is does just that and nothing more. It provides plenty of power, within specifications, for low end systems. It does it without a ton of cables getting in the way or extra connectors that you'll never use. Best of all, it does it at a great price. At $40, the CX430 is a solid buy and well worth considering for any low end system. If you can snag it while there is still a rebate and get it for $27 US, it is a phenomenal buy and you should consider buying four or five of them to have on stock for the next power supply related fixes and low end systems that you're called upon for."


发布人Tweak Town

发布于  2011年5月20日

TechPowerUp recommends the CX430 V2

"Corsair's new Builder CX430 V2 power supply really impressed me. At first, when I saw that Corsair rated it for full power only at 30°C, I was troubled and thought that my 50°C hot box would really give it a hard time. However I was dead wrong, the PSU not only worked at over 50°C ambient but performed really well, especially if we take into account that it belongs to the low end category. Voltage regulation was close to 2% for +12V & 5V and 3.3V exceeded 3% only by very little. I have seen much more expensive PSUs with way worse voltage regulation, especially at 3.3V."