Professional Series&trade, Gold AX1200 — 已获得 80 PLUS®, 金牌认证的全模块化电源

CORSAIR AX1200 提供了终极 SLI 和 CrossFire 游戏 PC 所需的功率水平、可靠性和稳定性。它提供了 90% 以上的能源效率,并且按照 CORSAIR 著名的质量标准制造,其唯一的宗旨就是提供发烧友所要求的精密元件和性能。


所有的电缆都是与电源分离的。在安装过程中,这使您能够灵活使用自己所需的电缆构建具有最佳通风性的无噪音系统。而且,当您更换或升级电源时,无需改动您的电缆敷设便可将其从系统中移除 – 电缆保持在原来的位置不变,然后连接到新的全模块化 Corsair 电源。


Corsair Professional 系列金牌电源在 50% 的负载下可以达到 90% 的效率,运行时更加地安静,产生的余热极微,并且每个月可以为您节省部分资金。它获得了 80 Plus® 金牌认证戳记,这是您为智能、高效供电作出正确选择的保证。

Corsair Professional 系列金牌 AX1200 的性能:

  • 支持最新的 ATX12V v2.31 和 EPS 2.92 标准,同时向后兼容 ATX12V 2.2 和 ATX12V 2.01 系统
  • 超静音的 140mm 双滚珠轴承风扇可根据温度调节风扇转速,因而能够以非常低的噪声水平提供出色的气流性能
  • 已获得80 Plus 金牌认证 可以在 50% 负载下提供至少 90% 的效率
  • 有功功率因数纠正 (PFC),PF 值达 0.99
  • 通用交流电输入 90-264V
    • 再也不用麻烦地翻转红色的小开关选择电压输入了!
  • 单根专用的 +12V 分配总线提供了与最新元器件的最大兼容性
  • 过压和过流保护、低压保护以及短路保护为您的关键系统元件提供了最大的安全性
  • 高品质的日产电容器提供了不折不扣的性能和可靠性
  • 完全模块化的电缆系统使您能够只使用自己需要的电缆
    • 电源升级和更换非常容易,因为只需断开电源端的电缆
  • 电源升级和更换非常容易,因为只需断开电源端的电缆
  • 低剖面扁平电缆设计减少了空气阻力,从而使通过计算机机箱的气流增加到最大限度
  • 七年保修,并可终身享受 Corsair 卓越的技术支持和客户服务
  • 平均无故障时间:10 万小时
  • 安全许可:UL、CUL、CE、CB、FCC Class B、TÜV、CCC、C-tick
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
100,000 hours
1200 Watts
Seven years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS12V Connector
Floppy Connector
PCIe Connector
SATA Connector

发布人VR Zone

发布于  2011年5月28日

Corsair AX1200 receives the "Editor's Choice" award and scores 10/10 at VR Zone

Scored 10 out of 10 and an Editor's Choice award at VR-Zone.


发布人Overclockers Club

发布于  2010年6月25日

Corsair AX1200 wins OC3D "Best In Class" Award

In recognition of the AX1200's excellent all-round performance, I am pleased to award it our coveted "Best In Class" award for Power Supplies rated from 1000-1500w.



发布于  2010年8月8日

Geeks 3D tests the AX1200

I have now the PSU that will help me to make FurMark more aggressive with our graphics cards. But AX1200 tests are not over. I have to play now with a 3-way SLI of GTX 480 and with overclocked GTX 480… in another article, because it’s getting hot in my lab…



发布于  2010年5月6日

AX1200W gets a 9.8 overall score and Jonny Guru Recommended Award

There is a whole lot to like about the new Corsair AX1200, and very little indeed to hate. Lots of power, lots of connectors, and all of those connectors come off if you want them to. And we can't forget about the efficiency, which easily outclasses everything else I've ever tested. I got 94% efficiency out of this thing at more than one point, folks! Do you need any other reason to buy one?



发布于  2010年7月26日

Corsair AX1200 gets the PCPerspective Gold Award

For solid rails, excellent efficiency, good voltage regulation and clean outputs, the Corsair AX1200 power supply brings home the gold



发布于  2010年7月7日

Corsair AX1200 wins Overclockers Club Editor's Choice

The Corsair AX1200 power supply is one of the most efficient power supplies I have tested for OCC, but it gets better... The Corsair AX1200 power supply could be the best power supply in this class at the moment and it will take some beating.


发布人Legit Review

发布于  2010年8月4日

Corsair AX1200 wins Hardware Heaven Gold and Performance Awards

Finally we have the real world test results where we see the AX1200 handle a high end overclocked GTX 480 SLI / Core i7-980X system with ease. Not only this, it did so with lower noise levels, temperatures and power use than a similar model. All of these aspects benefit the end user with the most important being money saved through high efficiency and lower power draw at the wall. A near flawless product from Corsair which continues to enhance their reputation for producing the industry's best PSUs.


发布人Hardware Secrets

发布于  2010年7月20日

Corsair AX1200 Wins Must Have Award

The AX1200W power supply from Corsair isn’t just their best unit, its easily the best power supply on the market right now and we think it will be some time before we see results like these again. We were so surprised with some of the results that we reran them multiple times over a period of several days – just in case our eyes, and testing equipment were playing tricks with us.