Professional Series&trade, HX620

荣获多项大奖的 Professional Series™ HX620W 评价非常高,它曾被评价为坚若磐石、功能强大、高效、安静 - 任何 PC 发烧友的必备之品。

适用于发烧友 PC 的先进高性能电源

Corsair HX620W/HX520W 电源用途广泛、功能强大。HX620W/HX520W 采用出色的三倍 +12V 电源通道和噪音极小的双球 120 毫米风扇,适用于当今最大功耗的组件。HX620W/HX520W 符合最新的 ATX12V 2.2/EPS12V 2.91 和 RoHS 标准,能够提供无可比拟的连续电源以确保所有系统组件和可靠性和安全性。Corsair 易于分离、灵活多变的模块化电缆使您能够只使用自己需要的电缆,并且改善了系统内部的空气流动。HX620W/HX520W 带有有限 5 年保修和 Corsair 的知名客户服务。

Corsair HX 系列特点:

  • 支持最新 ATX12V v2.2 和 EPS12V 2.91 标准,并与 ATX12V 2.01 系统反向兼容。
  • 保证与双 GPU 配置兼容。
  • 双前向开关电路设计提供极高有效性,在大负载范围下可高达 80%。
  • 有功功率因数以及 PF 值=0.99,为系统提供干净、可靠的电源。
  • 通用交流电源输入 90~264V 可自动扫描并检测电压是否正确。再也不用麻烦地按动那个红色小开关了!
  • 极其安静的 120 毫米双球风扇可根据温度调节转速,在噪音极低的情况下提供出色的空气流通。
  • 保证在 50ºC 条件下达到额定规格性能。
  • 三倍 12V 通道为 CPU、视频卡和其它组件提供独立可靠的电源,组合电流最高可达 50A(520W 时为 40A)!在任何一个 +12V 通道出现过载情况时,高级电路设计可在三倍 +12V 通道之间提供电源共享。
  • 功能强大的 +5Vsb 通道,额定电流 3A。
  • 电源过流/过压/过耗保护、低电压保护和短路保护,为关键系统组件提供最佳安全保护。
  • 105ºC 额定行业等级电容器提供无可比拟的性能和可靠性,其使用寿命是传统 85ºC 额定电容器的 4 倍。
  • 灵活的增强型模块化电缆使电缆布线更为轻松,并且改善了系统内的空气流通。
  • 8 个 Serial ATA 连接器(520W 上 4 个)。
  • 尺寸:5.9 英寸(宽)x 3.4 英寸(高)x 5.9 英寸(长)150mm(宽)x 86mm(高)x 150mm(长)
  • 平均无故障时间:100,000 小时
  • 安全认证:UL、CUL、CE、CB、FCC Class B、TÜV、CCC、C-tick。
ATX Connector
MTBF hours
1,000,000 hours
1050 Watts
Five years
80 PLUS Efficiency
EPS Connector
Floppy Connector
PCI-E Connector
SATA Connector

发布人Tech Gage

发布于  2006年6月12日

HX620 Wins TechGage Editor's Choice

"Many have known for quite a while, Corsair knows their memory and know how to release a blowout product. Well, they apparently took their smarts from that market and put it straight into their power supplies because this is a fantastic result. What's most impressive is that the HX series came out of nowhere, and then proved to be a huge winner."



发布于  2006年11月27日

Corsair HX620 receives OC3D Editors Choice

"Managing extremely stable voltages on the +3.3v and +12v rails with only slight droop on the +5v rails, It was hard to find any negative issues to talk about...The ribbon-style modular cables made a nice change from the nylon sleeving seen on almost other power supplies, and also proved to be more flexible. Corsair also seem to have avoided some of the major issues often found on other modular power supplies with the HX620, which was a great relief."


发布人CDR Info

发布于  2007年4月6日

CDRInfo Awards Editors Choice Award to Corsair HX620 PSU

"While Corsair is famous for their memory products, they are not known for manufacturing power supplies, but their PSU line has achieved the same level of competence and performance as their memory, which has made the Corsair brand so respected."



发布于  2007年9月13日

HardwareCanucks: HX620W PSU is "Dam Good"

"It may sound like we are raving about this Corsair's product too much but that is just because it so refreshing to see a power supply perform so well. If you are looking for a near-perfect power supply at a reasonable cost, look no further than the Corsair HX620. You will not be disappointed. "