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K68 / K66键盘手腕靠垫配件

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K68 / K66手腕靠垫配件的设计,可在长时间游戏期间,支撑手掌和手腕。


Support You Can Rely On

The K68 / K66 Wrist Rest Accessory is designed to provide comfort and support to help you game longer and better, all while easily attachable. The K68 / K66 Wrist Rest Accessory is support you can rely on.

Designed for support

The K68 / K66 Wrist Rest helps keep the wrists from bending backwards and reduces pressure off the arms and shoulders.

Soft-touch finish

Lightly textured finish provides a softer surface for the wrists to rest on over long gaming sessions.

CORSAIR Compatible

Designed to seamlessly and securely attach to CORSAIR K68 / K66 mechanical gaming keyboards and can be easily detached when needed.