Green Screen

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Green Screen

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Green Screen

£149.99 GBP

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With Green Screen, set the stage for truly immersive broadcasting in seconds.

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The creator’s canvas

A rocksteady solution optimized for camera chroma keying, Green Screen sets the stage for truly immersive broadcasting in a matter of seconds.


Pop-up tech

Simply flip open the aluminum case, lift the handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock your canvas in place. That’s it.

Instant immersion

Ideal for even the tightest of workspaces, Green Screen guarantees a wrinkle-resistant, chroma-green surface. All you need to do is turn on some lights, take a seat, and work your creative magic.

Stash and dash design

Time to call it a day? Pack up just as quickly as you set up, knowing you can always prep your broadcast in a snap. Because now, Green Screen has your back