DOMINATOR® GT — 1.5V 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit with DHX Pro Connector and AirFlow II Fan

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Dominator®, GT is the ultimate performance memory solution within the DOMINATOR® product line. Limited to only extremely high memory speeds, CORSAIR DOMINATOR® GT only uses highly screened IC&rsquo,s to guarantee performance and over-clockability. Using ultra efficient Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) cooling technology, DOMINATOR® GT DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules also ship with the Airflow Fan to maximize heat transfer away from the modules &mdash, all the while being stable and reliable. With removable heat sinks, CORSAIR DOMINATOR® GT DDR3 and DDR2 memory modules can even be outfitted with additional upcoming accessories with enhanced features.

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Dominator GT — The Ultimate Memory from Corsair

Very few components make it into the Dominator family. Corsair performs rigorous testing and screening on all components to select only the best for Dominator memory modules. The tests check for high frequency and/or low latency capabilities for each IC. Then, they are thoroughly tested for maximum interoperability and reliability as a united group to meet the stringent design criteria demanded by performance computing and gaming users.

Superior Heat Dissipation

Heat is the enemy of your computer’s key components. And the more you tweak components for performance, the more heat is generated. Heat will slow down your system and impact long term reliability. With traditional memory, the standard method of chip packaging involves a BGA (Ball Grid Array). In a BGA, small balls of solder, organized as a grid, are the leads that connect the device to the module circuit board. A Micron Semiconductor study shows that in a BGA memory device as much as 50% of the heat generated by the chip is actually conducted into the circuit board. Since traditional heat sinks are only attached to the front surface of memory chips, there’s no easy thermal path for the heat coming from the back of the chips.

Corsair’s Unique Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX+) Solves the Problem

Corsair's engineers have developed a unique technology that maximizes heat dissipation while improving reliability, even in the most extremely overclocked memory module. Dual-Path Heat Exchange (DHX+) technology utilizes two methods to effectively remove heat from the memory circuit board — Convection and Conduction.

Optional AirFlow — Extra Cooling for Extreme Overclocking

The optional Airflow 2 fan unit contains two 60mm tachometer-controlled fans to provide impinging airflow to the memory subsystem. With the moderate RPMs required to provide adequate forced air, the Airflow fan is nearly silent. The fan easily clamps onto most motherboards.

Dominator — Setting the New Standard

Dominator is the industry’s performance and award leader. It has won numerous honors to date including various Editor’s Choice awards and several “Memory of the Year” honors.

Product Description

High-performance 8GB Dominator GTX memory kit, 2400MHz, 9-11-10-30, 1.65V

Key Features

  • Specially selected RAMs for overclocked performance
  • Includes XMP performance profile
  • Red extended heat sinks with patented DHX+ Technology
  • World famous Corsair reliability and performance

Package Contents

Two 4GB memory modules

System Requirements

Designed for use with all DDR3 motherboards

Memory Configuration
Dual Channel
Memory Series
Memory Type
Memory Size
8GB Kit (2 x 4GB)
Tested Latency
Tested Voltage
Tested Speed
SPD Latency
SPD Speed
SPD Voltage
Speed Rating
PC3-17066 (2133MHz)
Heat Spreader
Package Memory Format
Performance Profile
XMP 1.3
Package Memory Pin

By Driver Heaven

Posted on   August 30, 2011

Corsair Dominator GT 8GBkit 2133Mhz CAS9 scores 95% and wins the Editor's Choice award at

"All in all, this is just a really nice kit of RAM that brings something different to the Dominator GT lines and shows us that they don't have to always be faster than the previously released Dominator GT kit. Instead, this kit here today shows the Dominator GT performance over other companies who offer us 1.5v kits at lower speeds."

Full Review!

2 x 4GB memory modules