Prepare Your PSU for NVIDIA 30-Series

By Chris Stolze, on September 2, 2020

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30-Series cards are their latest, high-performance GPUs and feature all sorts of new technologies and a completely new architecture (codenamed “Ampere”) that promises impressive improvements in gaming and rendering performance, specifically in ray-tracing capable apps.

How does this affect my PSU?

New graphics cards mean new, better things for gaming. But this time around there’s another interesting change. In addition to being exceptionally cool looking and supporting all new RTX-focused features and performance, the new RTX 30-Series cards up the power requirements over 20-Series significantly with the RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 rated for 220W, 320W, and 350W for GPU power respectively. Recommended PSU ratings have also been increased this generation, with the RTX 3090 we recommend at least a PSU rated for 850 watts. To accommodate the new power load without just adding more 8-pin PCIe connectors, a new, smaller 12-pin power connector has been introduced on all three of NVIDIA’s brand new RTX 30-Series Founders Edition graphics cards, the GeForce RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090.

Standard PCIe power connectors (screenshot from NVIDIA)
New 12-pin power connector (screenshot from NVIDIA)

While a small adapter is included with each GPU for your existing power supply cables, that adapter converts two dedicated PCIe power cables to the new 12-pin connector per NVIDIA’s recommended configuration. But adapters can be clunky, ugly, and increase resistance, so we’ve taken the extra step and made a much more elegant cable for all our modular PSUs. Our thoroughly tested solution is designed for those that have an eye for cable management and don’t want adapters cluttering up their clean builds. It connects two PCIe / CPU PSU ports directly to the new 12-pin connector.

Fully compatible with all Type 3 and Type 4 CORSAIR modular power supplies, our new cable provides a clean direct connection without adding the resistance of a messy-looking adapter.

What are the benefits?

The new 12-pin connector is roughly the same size as a single industry standard 8-pin PCIe but can provide significantly more power in that same space. This allowed NVIDIA to allocate the space previously used for power connectors to other things, like improved cooling. And with our solution being a complete cable rather than a pigtail-style adapter, it makes it easier for you to get the ball rolling without having to compromise on your pristine cable management.

When/Where can I get it?

Soon! We’re hard at work making these cables right now, and our goal is to have them available as soon as you can buy your new RTX 30-series card. If you have a modular CORSAIR PSU and want a notification of when the cable is available, click HERE to sign up and we’ll send you an email as soon as they’re ready.