CORSAIR has been helping gamers ascend for over twenty years, providing the best hardware, innovation and support that the PC community could ask for. We pride ourselves on providing the very best in hardware; we look for the best mechanical switches, the best sensors, and the best materials available. When it comes to putting our gear to the test, we look to the best.

We are proud to work with competitive esports teams who compete all over the world and with content creators whose work reaches international audiences. Our sponsorships, gear, and enthusiasm at tournaments are just the foundation as we learn and incorporate feedback from some of the best pro gamers on the planet.

From their competitive experience, we’re always finding new ways to enhance the durability, comfort, and precision of our gaming products. We strive to give all players – competitive and casual alike – an edge in the arena, no matter the game or the stakes.


CORSAIR Gaming offers every team and content creator we sponsor a full peripheral product sponsorship. We believe our teams and streamers need the best equipment that they can count on day after day to win so we gladly provide each person we sponsor a headset, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. Exact product types and amounts will be based on each individual sponsorship deal.


We offer all our teams and creators support by promoting their brands through our social media pages as well as collaborating in our content creation. We often invite and utilize our teams and creators to appear at events in the promotion of our products via press interviews, packing and other opportunities.


We know how expensive it is to travel to and how important it is to attend as many competitions and events as possible. In some circumstances we offer players and creators travel assistance to some pre-determined events and cover all travel for CORSAIR Gaming event appearances.


We believe in making quality products that all gamers will love and our teams and content creators are key in that process. We therefore provide all our teams and creators the opportunity to give feedback in the development of new products to ensure they have the tools they need to win. We believe that this process is a valuable instrument for teams and content creators to have a direct impact on the technology industry.


We understand the overhead required to run a successful team or create quality content. CORSAIR wants to see its teams and creators thrive and does offer cash sponsorships to some of our teams. Please be aware that cash sponsorships are very rare and are often granted after a trial period.


We expect our teams to perform at a high level and to maintain a consistent roster with very few yearly changes. We expect our content creators to consistently stream or create honest content. Additionally, we expect teams and creators to always be responsive to our communications and eager to work with us.

Content Contribution

We expect our teams and content creators to contribute to our content by being available for events, providing video clips and images, and occasional producing their own videos and streams for exclusive use of CORSAIR Gaming.

Product Knowledge and Marketing

Through using our products, we expect our players and content creators to be familiar with how they function. This becomes especially important when players and creators take part in any marketing activities, whether it's attending an event, doing a review or tutorial.


We believe that our hardware and peripherals are the only tools needed to win and expect our teams and content creators to exclusively use CORSAIR Gaming product. There are no exceptions to this policy.