CORSAIR +5V Load Balancer

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CORSAIR +5V Load Balancer

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The CORSAIR +5V PSU Load Balancer improves the power load balance in your system. Fully modular and durably constructed, the +5V Load Balancer installs easily into nearly any 3.5in HDD tray.

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The +5V Load Balancer improves your power load balance in a system heavy on +5V power draw and raises its overall 5V capabilities, while ensuring the PSU remains cool and quiet.

*Provides +5V and +12V output only


If your PC has many 5V devices, it can place a hefty load on a PSU’s +5V rail, thereby increasing noise and heat from the power supply, even when idle.


Re-allocate power from the +12V rail to the +5V rail to give more breathing room for your system, allowing you to fill your PC with ample lighting devices, accessories, and more without worry of heat and noises.

Modular, Compact, Durable

The robust DC-DC electrical design ensures stable and consistent +5V power to your linked devices. Connecting to your CORSAIR power supply, it will power the vast majority of modern accessories and drives.

Fully Modular
A single EPS12V input and 3x SATA/PATA outputs.

Compact Form-Factor
Easily installs in nearly any 3.5in HDD tray or mount.

Durable Construction
Built with steel and polycarbonate material.